NME: "Rick Astley tells us about his Glastonbury secret set of Smiths covers with Blossoms" (June 24, 2023)


Astley on the reactions of Morrissey and Johnny Marr, and what it means to play Glasto: "I know it’s sacrilege and they should hang the lot of us on the line for doing it, but I also just don’t care"

Rick Astley/Blossoms play Smiths set at Glastonbury
Am i the only one ....... that thinks this is shit and has actually harmed Moz, due to the reactions.

I f***ing hated Rick Astley, he can't sing, had 1 memorable hit that's become a shit meme the fact that so many people love this that don't like the Smiths tells you all you need to know.....

The guys sold millions of albums though, so not sure it's just one memorable song, even his last 2 albums reached Gold and Silver from a sales perspective.

I really really enjoyed to listen the show . Rick Astley , Blossoms and the Glastonbury crowd were surprisingly amazing .
THE SMITHS - what a legend !!! :hearteyes::bow:
I did enjoy his stint with Blossoms at Glasto, but, honestly, this is giving me Olly Murs vibes.......
I started watching the Glasto show yesterday, all here -

They were not trying to be The Smiths, just playing glammed-up rockier showy versions. Fun!
The guy just has a new single out:

Curious what the fans on here all think :)

Not my cup of tea. I couldn't listen to this kind of music every day. Once is enough
Iconic music publication NME is relaunching its print magazine.

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Full article, from 22 July at https://variety.com/2023/music/global/nme-print-magazine-relaunch-1235674465/

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