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    “I Thought You Were Dead’ is a murkily recorded, Romani-influenced number replete with a roaring solo that sounds like you’re at the bottom of a swimming pool in Moscow in 1934 with a White Russian cocktail spooling into the chlorinated water. Co-written with Jesse Tobias, with whom Morrissey has worked since 2005, it’s the sound of a musician who appears unlikely to start compromising any time soon. There’s a real elegiac quality to the woozy refrain, “it’s all been so nice”, repeated over and over.
    Rolling piano, barrelling chorus – “Sorry gone / Peace won / Five words spurred me on / I thought you was dead” – an intoned, barely decipherable spoken-word coda: it’s the most imaginative and exploratory that Morrissey’s sounded in some time, and a reminder that he’s rarely played by the rules of contemporary pop. No-one else would’ve released this song, and fewer still could have made it work. If he has appeared determined to alienate long-time fans in recent years, here’s proof that the music can still sound excitingly eccentric.
    Read more at www.nme.com/blogs/morrisseys-new-original-song-i-thought-you-were-dead-is-a-woozily-eccentric-return-to-form-2476913#GygZwFoGI47dUBzI.99
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    This is interesting but I suspect they just read the threads here and summarized them. I guess that bit about "Moscow in 1934" is why they get paid to write along with some mild thesaurus abuse. Good accurate review though.
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    USkinny will tell you - author of this very good NME review is Hitler lover.
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    What idiots. Someone tell them to listen to the high quality proper rip of it (which doesn’t sound murky or underwater at all) and maybe actually... listen to the song? God damn people are fucking stupid.
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