NME: Owner of 'cannibalistic' Icelandic venue says Morrissey never asked them to go meat-free

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By Detritus on Feb 5, 2015 at 5:49 PM
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    So, is the owner of the venue bluffing? Or was this story fabricated by the Morrissey camp in an effort to drum up some pre-tour buzz?

    Owner of 'cannibalistic' Icelandic venue says Morrissey never asked them to go meat-free - NME.com
    Singer claimed Rekyjavik venue has a "flesh-eating bloodlust"; venue owner says a show was never formally scheduled


    Commenting on the controversy, Halldór Guðmundsson from the Harpa Concert Hall said that he was never asked about the issue of serving meat during negotiations with the gig promoter – and that a date for the show had not even been confirmed.

    "We were never asked about anything," Guðmundsson said. "I was never asked to speak to the restaurants here about whether they would serve meat on the night of the gig. There was no contract or anything. The date mentioned to us was towards the end of March. It's totally his decision, but it was strange for us to read about it on the internet before we were asked about it."

    Lisa Hanson, general manager and co-owner of the concert's promoters, RR, backed up Guðmundsson's claim that a date was not agreed and that no discussions about food had taken place.

    "We were just starting to look at venues for him and we thought this one [Harpa Concert Hall] would be good," she said. The restaurant there is three floors up on the other side of the venue, it's not like they sell hamburgers right outside. He said he didn't want to play there and we said 'fine'. It was never a date. It was never booked."

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2015 (read-only)' started by Detritus, Feb 5, 2015.

    1. Anonymous
      Is he losing his mind?
    2. Adeptly_Inept
      Is anything ever straight forward?
    3. Anonymous
      Think he will respond?
    4. Uncleskinny
      Truth appears sadly to be a plastic concept in the Morrissey camp these days.

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    5. Anonymouswithapologies
      this is mean.


      "When the meat is*sue came up we re*alised that Harpa would*n't work out for the con*cert," said Kvaran. "There are two restau*rants in the build*ing as well as a cater*ing ser*vice and we can't or*der them to take meat of all their menus. We did*n't even ask them to. We're cur*rently see*ing if we can fig*ure out an*other con*cert venue for Mor*ris*sey in Ice*land. "

      from here:


      con*cert pro*moter Halldór Kvaran at con*cert pro*mot*ing com*pany RR
    6. Anonymous
      The lazy journos have been reporting that Moz cancelled a scheduled date, but the TTY statement refers to plans or talks only. So now the journos clarify, get multiple articles out of this one story, and more page views. Just more ammo for some outraged morons on Facebook, Twitter, and what not over which to get outraged at Morrissey.
    7. Eurydice
      "There's so much destruction all over the world and all you can do is complain about me." ~Morrissey

      Who. Gives. A. Flying. Shit.

      I'll still wake up in the morning and get through each day and go to bed each night no matter where or when or HOW Morrissey sings: meat or no in the venues. The fact that the world is all in a tizzy over whatever the story is about Iceland is astounding.
    8. Detritus
      Aha. I certainly wouldn't put it past Morrissey to make things up as part of a publicity stunt, but I'd expect the meat-free venue policy to be one of the first things negotiated considering how important it is to Morrissey. It does seem a bit unlikely that it wouldn't have been addressed early on, so if this is true it would explain why the venue's owner knew nothing about it.

      The back and forth "he said, she said" drama that Morrissey constantly courts is amusing to a lot of people, so they talk about it. That doesn't mean their lives revolve around it.
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    9. Anonymous
      yeah things dont always get to the buildings owners level of attention either when just int he talks stage. especially if its large and has multiple operational managers promotors
    10. Anonymous
      "Devious, trucelent and unreliable " CRANK, Tosserrey McMorrissey, one not to be trusted. Muppet, Pinocchio, boy who cried wolf, performing monkey.

    11. Anonymous
      Well this is the venue themselves, they were said to have refused someones request and they just said well actually we didn't. took them no longer than your post.
    12. Anonymous
      Still wether it was journos or not Morrissey controls TTY so he happily went with 'they never let me go meat free'.
    13. Anonymous
      - but at least cuntitude is a well-known and well-practised concept on here.

      The meat-free requirement is ALWAYS stipulated, and has been for years, the idea that it wasn't is utter bullshit. But hey, it wouldn't be So_Low without blaming Morrissey for everything even when evidence points to the opposite. Who knows if the alleged comments by the venue representative are even true and not just wilfully misquoted by NME as a bit of mischief-making. After all, it wouldn't be the first time NME has taken quotes out of context, would it?

      For all the usual holier-than-thou crap spouted by Skinny and the trolls, common sense appears sadly to be an alien concept in the So-Low camp these days.
    14. BrummieBoy
      The world isn't in a tizzy. A few comments on a web forum and the NME filling up blank space hardly amounts to a media fire-storm, much as you'd love to imagine one.

    15. AgathaC
      they should have bent over backwards to get him to play a gig, it is an island in the middle of nowhere. An immediate yes we won't serve meat was in order.
    16. Uncleskinny
      Ta-da! It's like I snap my fingers and you appear. You are now my BITCH!

    17. Anonymous
      "Remember my face and not my feta"
      Steven Paddy McMorrissey comedy genius.

    18. Anonymous
      McMorrissey is responsible for telling Beaky what to post on the TTY zine so we cannot blame anyone else but the big cheese that is Steven Paddy McMorrissey.
      As the meerkat says "Simples"

    19. BrummieBoy
      Are you confused? Thinking of Easter Island perhaps? Iceland is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, convenient for London and New York City so I'd go and have a lie-down. Then dig out your old school atlas.

      Everyone should immediately comply with Morrissey's capricious demands because: a crackpot fan called AgathaC says so. Makes total sense.


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