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A brand new ‘lost’ song by THE SMITHS has been unearthed, coinciding with the band topping the poll of NME’s most influential bands of all time in our recent 50th anniversary issue.

The Morrissey/Marr composition ‘A Matter Of Opinion’ was discovered during research for a new book analysing the career of the legendary Manchester quartet.

Author Simon Goddard, who also writes for NME's sister magazine Uncut, was searching through the tape archives of Smiths drummer Mike Joyce when he made his discovery.

He told NME.COM: "As part of my research I was the first journalist ever to be granted access to drummer Mike Joyce’s personal tape archive of rehearsals, soundchecks and outtakes. It was like a Smiths 'Ark of the Covenant' - lost instrumentals, some very exciting alternate versions but easily the most mindblowing was the discovery of a never-before-mentioned Morrissey/Marr song from 1982 called 'A Matter Of Opinion'".
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