NME news update: "Morrissey fans report rumors of rumors"



September 17th
Text by: Ima Hoax

Today, it was widely reported on the popular Morrissey website, morrissey-solo.com that there were rumors of positive rumors floating around regarding Morrissey.

This is long awaited news news comes after a long, unending spell of rumors of negative rumors floating around.

The fans who regard the world as a massive gray area were hard to convince.

"I for one remain sceptical" says one, "the rumors of negative rumors are still there. Shouldn't these rumors of positive ones squelch the others completely?"

The ones who regard the world in a more black and white fashion were more eager to overlook the contradiction.

"These rumors of positive rumors are a good sign!" enthused one ecstatic fan, "I sure do hope that they are true!"

The two groups have clashed openly, although they have both agreed that they "love Morrissey and love the Smiths", it is all they could agree on at this time.

When asked why the rumors of positive rumors should be regarded more highly than the rumors of negative rumors in spite of their lack of proof either way of their validity, one fan answered, "Morrissey works in mysterious ways."

No word yet on the source of the rumors.

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