Nick Kent on the C86 Show Podcast talking about Morrissey - his politics and sexuality (2021)

37:30 Nick Kent on the C86 Show Podcast in 2021 talking about Morrissey - his politics and sexuality.
Anyone notice that Nick rarely looks people in the eyes? He’s always looking down. Does he have some insecurity?
Looking away or to the side can be a sign that the person is lying/inventing it as he goes along. Or it can be shyness/insecurity or a sign of aspergers.
Nick Kent has to be one of the 'four vultures', he idolised Morrissey during the Smiths period and then turned against him.

As for this clip - well, Moz has always been uncomfortable with his sexuality, that isn't news. It's not a crime and it's bizarre of Nick to have needled him on it, like he was owed something. "He was talking about it in very guarded terms" - who wouldn't, if you knew it was all likely to end up in print?
I expect you are right about him being anti M but who knows what went on between them ?
it's wrong to write Nick off .
He is one of the UKs best music writers .
He can write and he knows his bollocks .
I remember him at Punk gigs back in the 70s .
To read some of the comments, you would think Nick fecking came on and just bitched on and on about M
He didn't he mentioned a few people and it was the interview guy who kept bringing the interview back to M, mostly.
Nick said some good fecking stuff here and made some great points. He seemed to like the M of old but not the man he turned into, that's all.
People are allowed to not like M. I actually thought he was more bitter towards M than he is.
He and the interviewer just seem to be disappointed with what has come of M. Which is fair enough
I expect you are right about him being anti M but who knows what went on between them ?
it's wrong to write Nick off .
He is one of the UKs best music writers .
He can write and he knows his bollocks .
I remember him at Punk gigs back in the 70s .
He interviewed Morrissey and Johnny together a few times during The Smiths, he was a big fan at one time. Something just went wrong somewhere - maybe he became cynical or he tried to get into the Smiths inner circle and it didn't work out.

M writes in Autobio of feeling humiliated in the early 90s, when he noticed Nick Kent in the audience of a gig whilst the band were making an absolute shitshow of it onstage. He knew Kent would be merciless and compare it unfavourably to the Smiths etc.
Nick Kent was a great journalist once but even as long ago as The Smiths South Bank Show Special in 1987 he came across as unhinged and/or coked up. He'd have been an unreliable witness in court.

THE FACE Nick Kent interview with Moz in 1990 had some terrific photos but was insubstantial. I'd take anything Nick Kent said with a grainyard of salt.

I'm going to eat my own words and spit out the chewed bits of magazine. I just re-read The Face interview for the first time since 1990, and it's not a bad interview at all even though Nick gota few sly digs in about Ouija Board, Moz losing his spark by the end of The Smiths, Moz needing to 'come out' for the 90's etc. That said it's still a good interview I think.
This is very interesting.

I think it's worth saying that the 'outrage' over Edward possibly being gay wasn't just that it was illegal at the time. It was the way that the suggestion was used, later, to imply some kind of complicity on Edward's part. "What was he doing, getting in the car, he must have known ...", that sort of thing. Nobody could ever say that with the child victims, obviously - but for Edward, there seemed to be less sympathy because he was older, and that gave Brady room to make up stories.

Of course even if he was gay, even if he went home with Brady in the hopes of some consensual hanky-panky, there is absolutely no chance in hell that he expected what happened in that house. Brady didn't do 'consensual' anything, he was a rapist who wanted to cause pain and suffering. Edward didn't want to be hurt, he was absolutely no different to any of the other victims. May he rest in peace.
I'm amazed by any journalist or anyone anywhere caring about anyone's sexuality unless you are hoping to get it on with that person. I couldn't care less who is or isn't gay or straight or humasexual or replicant. What difference does it make. I listen to Moz for his music and voice. After that it's none of my business. Live and let live. All our moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

2023 just started, and I'd say we've already got a candidate for Post Of The Year (the POTYs for all of you in-the-know) right here. Also, the photo is amazing.

Around the 'Solo, I have learned that contributors like Acton aren't really writing any of this stuff to receive accolades from us, but I'm certainly very happy there are posts like this. Kudos!
Nick Kent was attacked by Sid Vicious with a bike chain, inspiring the lyrics to Such a Little Thing.
A little scanty bit of a thing off topic but.... PILs entry for consideration to represent Ireland at the Eurovision is a lovely song to Johnny Lydon'swife Nora who suffers from Altzheimers. It is worth a listen and I hope it qualifies. I'm not a fan of Eurovision but this song Hawaii is a touch of class.


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