Nick Griffin offers his comments on the recent media-storm

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By Uncleskinny on Jan 7, 2014 at 4:11 PM
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    1. Peterb
    2. Anonymous
      It's sadly unsurprising.
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    3. Anonymous
      Well, Morrissey only has himself to blame if he has attracted the likes of Griffin. He deliberately adopts an ambiguous and at times, contrary stance on race. He clearly enjoys using racially inflammatory language and then states that he admires Nigel Farage!
    4. Iona Mink
      Iona Mink
      I'm surprised Nick Griffin has any spare time at all to comment on this. I figured he spent most of it turning down the TV volume and shutting the blinds, pretending to his creditors he is not home.
    5. CrystalGeezer
      This argument that Morrissey needs to eat meat in order to think straight is more tiresome than THE SMITHS.

      Both pedophiles and carnivores aware of the current state of factory farming KNOWINGLY rob innocence from a being that looks to them for protection. It is a valid correlation I stand behind 100%. I do not agree with the Auschwitz parallel for PC reasons but it's still a valid argument THAT NOBODY IS DISCUSSING because they want to kill the messenger.

      Davidt and Morrissey have more in common than you know.
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    6. realitybites
      He is a Holocaust denier. So I am sure he loves the Auschwitz comment. Or at least feels indifferent about it. His view--Auschwitz was not a death camp just a work camp. No one was gassed. Idiot.
    7. Chip

      Can somebody remind these fucking fascists of Morrissey' position on the Malvinas Islands? Or the monarch?

      And can somebody remind Morrissey not to say things that attracts these creeps.

      I swear this is the one thing about Morrissey that almost makes me give up as a fan. And if he was anybody else I probably would have already. He's damn lucky he's so gifted.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Haven't the British fascists all moved on from Jewish people to Muslims? Not that one form of hatred is better than the other, but that was the impression I was under.

      Gross people regardless.
    8. realitybites
      Maybe Islam is their soapbox these days. But if the Muslims dropped off the planet, they'd return to their favorite scapegoats--the Jews.
    9. Anonymous
      FYI, fascists tend not to be supporters of monarchism and tend to be sympathetic to the fascist Argentine junta that invaded the Falklands. Just sayin'.
    10. Chip
      You most have loved Franco.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Maybe. Though I suspect fascism is more context specific and reactive. The British National Party now permits Jewish members, when they used to be Nazi admirers, because they think Israel is a common ally against the Muslim ally.

      These days Europeans fear Muslim immigrants. In two hundred years who knows what they will scapegoat. I think the overarching ideological framework of fascism stays the same, while the specifics are more fluid.
    11. Anonymous
      I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean. He and Morrissey would probably have got on like a house on fire. I'm not so keen though. He's not really a proper fascist, though. Franco, I mean.
    12. Chip

      NATO bases, Catholicism, and all--right?
    13. realitybites
      Yes. Israel is a means to an end. The lesser of two evils. Makes sense--I mean according to that mucked-up mindset. The conservative hawks here kind of hold that position as well though. But for different reasons. US conservatives=oil. BNP=white nationalism.
    14. Chip

      We still have a good deal of the David Duke pure anti-semites though. I don't know how we got stuck with them when even the Europeans have moved on. His campaign advisor suggested he spend more time on anti-Black racism--since he was running in Louisiana you know--but he wouldn't listen.

      What a terribly fucked up world.
    15. realitybites
      You said it. I agree. :(
    16. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      You mean, of course, the Falkland Islands. The fascist government of Argentina failed to take them by force in 1982. It was in all the papers.

      Many of Morrissey's recent public pronouncements, certainly since Utoya, are an absolute embarrassment. He is a disgusting individual, so being name checked by the odious Griffin must please him no end.

      As Bowie is sensible enough not to touch Morrissey with a barge pole perhaps Griffin will do the honours. The Horst Wessel Song must be due an airing.
    17. Anonymous
      Nonsense. There is absolutely nothing comparable to a person buying a chicken sandwich and an adult grooming and sexually abusing a child.

      I would be quite happy to leave my children in the care of someone who eats meat but most definitely would not be happy to leave them in the care of a known child abuser. Would you? We leave our children in the care of meat eaters all the time. So is that the same as leaving them in the care of child abusers?

      And this almost religious enticement to persuade people to walk away from meat eaters is crazy. The only thing this kind of action that comes out of this kind of statement is overall a condemnation of such comments. It will not and never will make your average meat eating family consider reducing their meat intake.

      Focus should be on education, helping and encouraging people to reduce their meat intake. If that happens then the meat industry will struggle beyond belief and the price of meat will go up and therefore start a catalyst process whereby more and more people will reduce their meat intake and give up meat all together.

      This kind of hatred and calling people child abusers and nazis will never have that affect on people and will only make people who are already vegetarians feel they belong more and more to a closed clique. It is almost religious extremism as a comparison. Extreme christians condemn sinners to hell, extreme muslims condemn people to their hell, all condemnations of people who don't believe or practice what they believe in. This is edging the same way.

      Education, tolerance, understanding, encouragement are the way forward, not hatred, and asking people to walk away form meat eaters etc etc.

      As a matter of interest, were you born a vegetarian or were you brought up eating meat? Did you parents eat meat? Are they child abusers?
    18. Anonymous
      Fun fact: when Morrissey compares the meat industry to the Holocaust, people don't feel offended 'for the Jews' but because they themselves are supporting the industry. People are self-centered. They don't want to admit that something that THEY are supporting might actually be fucked up.

      When somebody says that vegetarians = Nazis because Hitler was a vegetarian, nobody pretends to be offended; nobody starts screaming that the statement belittles the suffering of the Jews. This would be funny if it wasn't so sad and tiring.

      Then why, oh WHY do you spend hours and days and months discussing him? Somebody you claim to dislike is the centre of your universe. He's not going to change. If you can't deal with this, then why don't you just move on? I've asked this question before, and I'd like an answer.
    19. Hitchslap
      So was David Irving, championed so loudly and for so long, until the blowback became a little much for him, by one Christopher Hitchens.

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