Nick Cave mentions Morrissey disappointment in Q&A (April 2024)

Seeing Moz pictured so recently in England, I didn't know what to think or say... so, I just saw the photo, since no comment seemed necessary.

Today, however, I found a Morrissey mention on Nick Cave's website and felt like sharing it with other Moz fans.

Brett’s not all that bad. Though, apples to oranges, really.
Dog Man Star was great, especially when one was a teenager. Sadly, 56-year-old Brett is still stuck in his youth. His lyrics are still those of a college student obsessed with his own image, saying nothing that rings true. Nick Cave is a multi-layered artist and poet, a far cry from his younger days, always in development, always digging through the deepest depths of his heart to try to discover his truth and the truth about existing. Nick could eat Brett for breakfast, but he would likely spit him back out for lack of any real substance or nourishment.

It might not seem like it given the grumpy and arrogant tone of these past two posts, but I do respect other people’s opinions on this matter. And these are my opinions.

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