Nice interview with Jonny Bridgwood

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By Uncleskinny on Aug 21, 2012 at 5:23 PM
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    1. davidt
    2. myboyracer
      Thanks, Uncleskinny for the link. It was nice reading about JB. He's a humble and down-to-earth person. Morrissey is lucky to have him in his band. Anyone had Chinese tea or Green tea before? :)
    3. celibate
      Thanks,for the read, I'm a bit puzzled about the band menbers at certakn times, and songs credited
      to another than J.BR. says...

      fave qoute

      ' Morrissey's a nice guy but surounded by idiots [orsomething like that]"
    4. Anonymous
      Which is one more than any of the current line-up seem to be able to manage recently.
    5. Anonymous
      Sad twat,

      You are caught. You are whiney liar.

      we'll let you know
    6. Anonymous
      Sad son,

      You are blind, deaf.

      we'll let you know
    7. Anonymous
      taste wise green tea is pointless, doesnt taste of anything till you get to the bottom of the cup, and thats just a bitter taste.
    8. The Seeker of Good Songs
      The Seeker of Good Songs
      I've always found green tea to taste like lawn clippings.
    9. The Cat's Mother
      The Cat's Mother
      It's better blended with peppermint but still a bit glum on the palate.

      Rington's is decent tea. Betty's (who own Yorkshire Tea) also sell a Lancashire Tea but I've yet to try that.

      I tried "white tea" but it tasted like peppered water. :straightface:

      No other Lapsang Souchon fans?
    10. Anonymous
      What a great guy and bassist. This was really nice.
    11. BrummieBoy
      Gosh, I wonder which one of the '3 Mental Patients' you might be......*thinking*....*thinking*......*bored*....must be some 'football hooligan/scary skinhead' type. eek! An excellent thread except for Lady Ms Wannabe-Menstrual-Menopause-Meltdown's 'intervention' (...sigh) and this attempt by 'anonymous' to re-ignite. PLEASE KEEP ON TOPIC!!!! 'anonymous' is only for legitimate use, not to snipe at registered and 'highly respected' posters. Like me!!!!

      Back 'on topic':

      I noticed when Jonny says: 'Musically there was a pecking order, guitar, drums, bass.' I further noticed that he seems to be generally warm and pleased about his time as a roving minstrel and there's no hint of any 'replaceable lawnmower parts' nonsense. It's interesting this idea of a 'hierarchy' from vox to guitar to drums to......bass! As if the overall success of any 'troubadour' piece isn't just as dependent on the supporting cast as on the figurehead [snark!]. The bass line to BBAH could hardly be described as 'subservient' to the vocals, guitars and drums' other than by an autistic, musically illiterate fool. Thank Gosh that never happened!

      It would also have been 'nice' if Julie had explored NSAM. I wonder if it will be used for the opening ceremony of The Paralympics?

      HarryBoy.....your Royal Arse'n'all
      bff wiv BrummieBoy/Gurl
      what happens in 'fight thread' stays in 'fight thread' lol!:rolleyes:


      Octavia loves Harry!
    12. Anonymous
      It's strange that you call Spencer a "wanker" because he is far from it. You've obviously never met the guy.

      I have met Spencer twice in NYC (both times in the E. Village) both by happenstance.

      He could not have been nicer and more friendly. He's a very pleasant guy.

      Maybe think about actually meeting a person before you knock them. Thanks.
    13. The Seeker of Good Songs
      The Seeker of Good Songs
      I have never had Lapsang, but I have had my share of
      which may be why Green Tea is not on my best tea list.
    14. lg_br
      I crave some cherry and coconut cake now.. A very good read, thanks for sharing the interview. I just came from Jupiter and dunno who this Julie lady is...
    15. BrummieBoy
      You're back. Hope the weather was good in Scarborough.
      Well, you don't need to worry about anyone 'being in the red'. For now,! could you know i was 'in the red'?.......invisible baby, always was, even before the 'reputation' thang was taken down.
      wouldn't reply to this but your 'snipe' should have been moved to 'off-topic fight thread' but was left here....curious..

      keep an eye on the 'privacy/data protection' thread you got your knickers in a twist about....i'll let you in a little secret....soon.....


      soon to be installed as the next leader of 'The Moonies'.
      Tickets and flights to Seoul still available.....*smirks*
    16. Anonymous
      Bridgeburner. Love how he makes himself out to be a perfect little family man. Not quite.

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