Nice interview with Jonny Bridgwood

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    1. Iona Mink
      Iona Mink
      I find her obvious crush on Morrissey distracting.
    2. nevrplaydsymphony
      Haven't put anything on here for a while but had to comment having read this article. As everyone else has said what a lovely bloke Jonny Bridgewood appears to be. Really down to earth and very natural and the family appear to have managed some tough situations very well, credit to them. Nice to see someone 'natural and real' to borrow a phrase from someone. He was also complimentary about Moz without being fawning. Had a laugh when he was saying how his boy asked him about whether he should get a wife when he's older or are they too much bother!Quality!
    3. 123xyz
      Again , a really good read from this interviewer - just the right ratio of Moz to non-Moz material . Bridgwood comes across a nice , sane individual ( not to damn with faint praise ) .

      I think I vaguely remember reading somewhere that peculiar and incessant fussing about with contracts by Morrissey's agent/management/rep may have also hastened Bridgwood's departure ... ?
    4. joe frady
      joe frady
      A lovely interview.

      Thank you for posting.

      Question ~ I don't have my 'Mozipedia' to hand, but is there somewhere, either on-line or in print, that has a detailed, and accurate, list of the musicians employed on each solo Morrissey project? I can't recall if Simon Goddard does this. Moz surely has to be one of the slackest artists for recording credits. The early solo years are particularly shambolic, in terms of knowing exactly who played on what track. Did 'PJLM' have such a list?
    5. 123xyz

      It has been a mess , hasn't it ? I'm reasonably sure that "Mozipedia" mentions at least one such clusterfuck i.e. Whyte , contrary to the facts ,being listed on the "Sing Your Life" single cover as playing on the track(s ?) ....
    6. Anonymous
      I'm pretty sure he does.
    7. MelissaD
      I switch out on what teas I drink but not on a daily basis-usually every other. I've never tried Yorkshire tea, and am now intrigued as to what it tastes like. I like English Breakfast, Irish Tea, Lady Grey and Earl Grey teas (I live in America so that is what is on my grocery store shelf for purchase). I'm always open for a new experience in tea drinking. I do switch out every other day what I drink and take to work in my thermos--a couple days a week its coffee and then tea for the rest of the week.
    8. Anaesthesine
      Wonderful interview.

      Jonny B. seems like a lovely fella: self-taught, played for Morrissey (during the Vauxhall era no less) and toured with The Cramps! That's two of the greatest musical acts in history. Well done!
    9. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Thank you so much for posting this lovely interview!
    10. King Leer
      King Leer
      Nice interview. Jonny also came across really well in the maligned Jewel in the Crown documentary (still worth a watch IMO). Just a very grounded guy.

      To the anon. poster above who asked about Hawley -- apparently he was great at audition but started to sing to which Morrissey said "Why are you singing?" And that was that. I guess when Morrissey wants backing vocals he'll ask for them.
    11. BrummieBoy
      Excellent insight into the challenges of balancing a troubadour lifestyle with complex family challenges.
    12. Jamie
      Unfortunately, he doesn't provide it on a track-by-track basis. As someone said, he clears up a few of the more egregious listings (Alain's "harmonica" on Sing Your Life), but others are left a mystery (e.g., "Mauritzio Mazi" - sp.? - the drummer credited on Human Being and Good Looking Man About Town).
    13. Iona Mink
      Iona Mink

      troubadour Pronunciation: /ˈtruːbədɔː/
      Definition of troubadour

      a French medieval lyric poet composing and singing in Provençal in the 11th to 13th centuries, especially on the theme of courtly love.
      a poet who writes verse to music.
    14. Last Night I Tripped
      Last Night I Tripped
      Nice interview with JB. He was always very friendly on tour and a nice guy to speak with. Loved the Oscar Wilde reference that the interviewer does not even acknowledge. That one made me chuckle. Very funny!
    15. terrancestamp
      Nice interview with JB. He was always very friendly on tour and a nice guy to speak with. Loved the Oscar Wilde reference that the interviewer does not even acknowledge. That one made me chuckle. Very funny!

      He was so much nicer than the wankers Gary Day and Spener Corbrin. They just thought way too much of themselves. Glad they are no longer in the band! I think Spencer is still waiting tables in New York. At the end of his run with Morrissey he was taking seperate transportation from the band because he was so special. All because he co-wrote one song with Morrissey that everyone liked.
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    16. Anonymous
      Yes, this is a kown fact. One of M's biggest mistakes, if you ask me ...
    17. Anonymous
      A lovely article. I remember back in about 1996, I used to work with Jonny's father-in-law - I couldn't believe it at the time when he told me who his son-in-law was. I think I mentioned I was going to a gig or something. Jonny gave him a postcard with a big GB logo on signed by all the band. I still have it now. Smashing chap.
    18. Anonymous
      Actually, he's now working as a Realtor in Brooklyn.
    19. BrummieBoy
      Hi there 'Iona'!

      I'm pleased I've provided you with a new word to describe Morrissey's itinerant lifestyle, but there's no need to share every such discovery with the group, just add it discretely to your vocabulary for future use! I won't mind! Promise!:) I guess you're just 'thinking aloud'?

      When you say 'I find her obvious crush on Morrissey distracting' i'm not clear what you mean, as the interview is really very focussed on Jonny's challenges in supporting Morrissey's troubadour lifestyle whilst dealing with his own complex family challenges. I can't really see how you find such an emphasis.:confused: Perhaps you might find it helpful to read it again more closely. But, please, keep any new dictionary/thesaurus challenges private as it clutters and distracts one from the pleasant ambience of responses to this article. :thumb:


      xo! xo!
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    20. Iona Mink
      Iona Mink
      Oh I see. So it was you who "disapproved" my post. I'll let you in on a little secret - while you are in the red, your opinion of other's posts don't count. Oh dear.

      I would explain my reasoning to you however, I know you respond well to illustrations (which child doesn't), but I just don't have the patience to spoon feed you my logical reasoning.

      Now, next. Very nice fudging of what you initially said.

      Shall we revisit it? Let's.

      You didn't say

      "Excellent insight into the challenges of balancing a troubadour's lifestyle with complex family challenges."

      You didn't say

      "Excellent insight into the challenges of balancing Morrissey's touring troubadour lifestyle with complex family challenges."

      You in fact implied that Jonny was the troubadour. He couldn't be balancing Morrissey's lifestyle since that would infer that he was with Morrissey constantly. Jonny was at the time balancing a musician's lifestyle with complex family challenges. I can see you're attempting to punch above your intellectual weight to impress us. It's a nice thought but I'm afraid your posts will let you down every time.

      Run along now you little scamp and go find a picture with a childish saying to respond with. Don't disappoint us. There's a good lad.

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