Newlywed Game

Strange Fear

Please keep me in mind
Okay, I'll start with a question. I'll ask one of the partners a question about the other partner. That person answers, and then the other partner saids if it is true or not. If the rules seem confusing, well Í'll try explaining them again.


Better than Marr
Grim, will you run our Newlywed game? Nothing against Strange Fear, you just seem like a perfect Bob Eubanks.

Strange Fear

Please keep me in mind
Biki, what is Kuiper's favorite underrated song?

hey guys, i'll see you tomorrow.
nighty night


sober and in celibacy
Bbut Ill feel so bad if I forget some. but ok

Heart is full
Charming man

(... I know Ive forgotten some, and Ill feel bad about it. like. Forever:eek:)


Better than Marr
Good night, Strange Fear. :)

Grim, you are now our host.

bikie, I meant underrated songs. Those ones are more popular-ish. So name 4 songs please that you think I think are underrated. :)

I don't mind if you forget me? ..
3 more now.
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