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I am a new-comer to Morrissey. I've got a thing for vinyl, and was excited to buy his greatest hits (first buy) over the summer. Now I'm thinking about checking into You Are The Quarry, but I already have the 4 biggest tracks from that record. I want to hear all the good stuff from Morrissey, but should I still purchase YATQ? If not, what, exactly?
Have you only got Greatest Hits so far?

Hmm, well I would recommend getting Vauxhall and Quarry (arguably his best and most accessible solo albums), and YOR. Then have a look around at videos of songs on youtube etc, and see which tracks take your fancy, and get the albums accordingly. The 'Suedehead-Best Of' may be a good bet if you want to hear a variety of his earlier solo stuff (not sure whether you can get it on vinyl though).

Hope I helped. :)

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You have to get Your Arsenal and Vauxhall & I. These are two of his finest solo albums. Good luck getting the vinyl as it might be a bit pricey as it's been out of print for so long but you might strike lucky and get a deal somewhere. Enjoy the discovery.


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Well for the most part I just listen to SOUND of The SMITHS...
The Smiths is in my opinon the only band which all their songs are pretty good.

The sound of the smiths is more or less (is not complete and suffers from the loudness war treatment).

The queen is dead is a must! then louder than bombs.

For Morrissey:

The More you ignored me the closer i get and your arsenal are a must!

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