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I am from the upper Midwest area (USA), I am in my forties and I have been a fan of Morrissey and the Smiths since I was 18. I remember seeing the "there's a light that never goes out" video when I was in high school and I was automatically hooked. After many years of waiting (and going from hell to back and then from back to hell) I was able to go to my first Morrissey concert last week @ the Ravinia in IL...It was a great concert and I am just so glad that he didn't cancel this one. In my spare time, I like to paint and do arts and crafts, watch movies, Play on the internet and the computer (I have a black belt in googling ;)) and I love animals. I have asked a question on here and gotten some good responses on here, plus some friendly comments after I posted a link regarding Morrissey's favorite movies. So far, I like this board and I appreciate the friendliness that I have received on this board. So, just wanted to say hi to everyone on this board. :handwaving:

Ok~ in case if you are wondering:
My favorite smiths songs:

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before
Suffer little children
There's a light that never goes out
These things take time
The headmaster Ritual
Some Girls are bigger than others
Please please let me get I want
Half a person

Favorite Morrissey songs:

Seasick yet still docked
The more you ignore me
Back on the chain gang
We hate it when our friends become successful
We'll let you know
I know it's going to happen someday
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