Newark, NJ - New Jersey Performing Arts Center (Dec. 1, 2022) post-show

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How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful / Our Frank / Rebels Without Applause / I Am Veronica / The Bullfighter Dies / Jim Jim Falls / Girlfriend In A Coma / The Loop / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings / Irish Blood, English Heart / Half A Person / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Knockabout World / Saint In A Stained Glass Window / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Jack The Ripper // Sweet And Tender Hooligan

Setlist courtesy of @FROSTY

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Great spaceship of a venu, and I had the luxury of attending with my my fantastic sister for the show. We last saw Morrissey together over 20+ years ago, so... so great a night. Could not find a marque oddly out front stating he was playing, stealthy!

1. How soon is now
2. First of the gang to die
3. We hate it when our friends
4. Our frank Sinatra
5. Rebels without applause
6. I am veronica
7. The bullfighter died
8. Jim jim falls
9. Girlfriend in a coma
10. The loop
11. Stop me if you think
12. Sure enough the telephone rings
13. Irish blood
14. Half a person ( <3)
15. Every day is like sunday
16. Knockaboutish world
17. Saint in a stained glass window
18. Please please please
19. Jack the ripper

E20. Sweet and tender hooligan ( shirt toss )
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The set list I have seen are kinda a bummer but those venues look amazing. Not a bad seat in the house.
i’ve been to more morrissey shows than i can remember and this was one of the absolute best, truly wonderful and truly glad that i went
Just got home from the show, very enjoyable. The new songs sound very good live. I’m still not sure what Morrissey was singing during the opener, “How Soon Is Now”. 😂
the contempt this man has for some of these songs will never not entertain me. to be singing the same songs for 30+ (40?) years must be something akin to serving life in prison. albeit surrounded by the finest things while doing so.

opening with 'how soon is now' and chanting "i am the scum, i am the scum of the earth." did a little hail mary interlude, then singing "she hates california because it's cold and damp, that's why the lady is a tramp, tramp, tramp." and shortly later variations of 'shut your mouth' and 'so you can shut your mouth' over and over was a very good indication in which direction the night was going.

a little ad lib of 'downtown' before hsin was funny ("don't hang around, and let your problems surround you, you could always go..." chords of hsin).

the mic cord whips were spectacular tonight. i was way down in the orchestra. i bet they looked even cooler from above. the photos above barely serve this venue justice. absolutely gorgeous. he acknowledged that it's the performing arts center, and this is art ("this, this, THIS, is art..." and chords of fotgtd kick in) which i thought was cute.

i found his voice to be a drop shakier tonight. he joked mid-show about using a throat spray called entertainer's secret, and that the only secret is that the entertainer has no talent! it's moments like those his brilliant wit is such a delight to witness.

i loved that he had frank sinatra as the backdrop during "our frank." i love these little nods he gives to the cities he visits along the tour.

overall, he was a lot less chatty tonight. a lot of "thank yous" and "i love yous" tonight. last night in brooklyn was something special, there's no disputing that. tonight while still very good was just a little off despite this gorgeous venue, very happy crowd, and excellent performances from the band.

for anyone keeping track - i was able to swap my medium for a small. thank you to the kind merch staff to help me do so.

very happy and grateful to have seen him twice in as many nights. this has been missing from my life for six years, and is the salve for this soul.
Tonight was fantastic! The crowd was much more subdued than last night but certainly into the show! I was a few rows back had a great view of able to see Morrissey’s bracelets and all the exact expressions on his face. It was wonderful. People were very calm except for one fan who tried to pull Morrissey during a handshake but was thrown out. And they were a bunch of Stage invasions during the encore. M was very playful made a lot of funny noises and said silly things. He completely change the lyrics During how soon is now. I hope somebody has video! As you all know Setlist was very similar to last night. We got bullfighter today. No let me kiss you, which I would’ve preferred. No complaints here though I was happy to hear the new songs again for sure. Sure enough the telephone rings is growing on me already. Lol. I’m blown away with how good all the Smith song sound! The Morrissey band sounded so on point! Period! The best in many years, maybe ever!
the contempt this man has for some of these songs will never not entertain me. to be singing the same songs for 30+ (40?) years must be something akin to serving life in prison. albeit surrounded by the finest things while doing so.

I don't think the guy doing Our Frank and various obscure b-sides at his shows is really forcing himself to do any song he doesn't want to do. I don't get the impression that he has "contempt" for the songs at all, and he has said in interviews that these songs mean the world to him and he basically picks the ones he wants to do. The fact that he continually "updates" the songs with new lyrical adjustments to me shows he's as invested as ever, not just mindlessly parroting himself.
Really solid show tonight from Morrissey and the boys. Made the drive up from Philly and was very glad I did. Show started off with HSIN but Morrissey changed the entire lyrics around. I'm sure videos will surface in the coming hours, but it was a unique experience to say the least. His voice sounded good, but not as good as during the Vegas residency this year. New songs again sounded strong. First time hearing Saint In A Stained Glass Window and that one didn't grab me like I Live in Oblivion or Bonfire. Still it was nice to hear a song I haven't heard yet from BOT.

Venue was PACKED, not sure if it was sold out due to the nosebleeds in the fourth tier but there was a ton of people there tonight. Venue itself was pretty neat and reminded me of a smaller version of the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. Parking was easy, although the city of Newark is a nightmare to drive around, felt like one huge parking lot with the Jersey Devils playing a few blocks from the venue tonight.

Also of note to anyone that is interested but the merch stand had the signed copy of Best of Morrissey signed on vinyl for $250 bucks. I saw three people buy them but as I was leaving I think they still had a few left. Was hoping to see the signed Queen Is Dead version from earlier in the tour, but they weren't there. Maybe they will have some at the Philly show on Saturday.
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