New York Times Arts and Leisure section July 13, 2014 - WPINOYB full page ad on back cover

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By docinwestchester on Jul 12, 2014 at 4:17 PM
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    Jan 20, 2013
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    1. sweetness522
      Nice, I am going to pick one up! The Sunday Times isn't cheap, but worth it as it's an entire week of reading.
    2. VivaGil
      I was at a bar last night and on the jukebox the album sleeve kept coming on telling people to play songs. someone eventually played morrissey but not any new songs.
    3. Belligerent Ghoul
      Belligerent Ghoul
      Very nice. Even Frameable...
    4. Chickpea
      Thanks for this, Doc! I subscribe to the NYT online, so I wouldn't have seen this. My mother gets the paper edition, so it's now been set aside safely for me. :)
    5. fredkocherpepsi
      I have to say it does seem like the label is trying to get the word out there. Neat.
    6. Carly
      Well they would would't they, they want to make as much as they can from it.
    7. fredkocherpepsi
      Oh I know...but I know there was question as to whether or not Mozzer would complain that the label didn’t do all the promo they could, etc.
    8. Harryrag
      He probablly still will. All he has to do is point at the chart position (providing it's not clocked the Top 10) for him to think the label's marketing efforts is fair game.
    9. CrystalGeezer
      It's nice to see him share a page with my old alma mater B&N. :sweet:
    10. fredkocherpepsi
      HA. I just said the same thing to my wife. “Look at this ad in the NYT, he can’t really complain.....but he will”.
    11. Carly
      they must be miffed with him doing fuck all to help.
    12. mozmic_dancer
      It cost $70,000 for a full page ad in the NYT.

      Yes, indeed he still will complain. :lbf:
    13. Carly
      I was just thinking how much all these ads are going to cost, they are very optimistic. Then again because they have advertised so well he will probably sell much better than the last album.
    14. Anonymous
      You have to give them credit-they are putting a lot of money into advertising and he hasn't done a damn thing except half of a tour.
    15. fredkocherpepsi
      The billboards, the NYT ad...they’ve put a good chunk of money into advertising. I sincerely hope it works out for the best. I want another (non cancelled) tour!
    16. Anonymous JOHNSON
      Anonymous JOHNSON
      Put very simply, not interested and bugger off.
    17. Anonymous
      Well, it all comes out of his profits, so hopefully it's money well spent.
    18. CrystalGeezer
      Not interested in what?
    19. Chickpea
      It's a shame the ad is immediately preceded by the two-page NYT review, as it's one of the few that skews negative. There are two nice, big photos, though—I'll add a couple of snaps to the review thread.

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