New York, NY - Terminal 5 (Oct. 12, 2012) post-show

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Set List:

Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Maladjusted / You're The One For Me, Fatty / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Black Cloud / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Speedway / Spring-Heeled Jim / You Have Killed Me / Fantastic Bird / People Are The Same Everywhere / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Everyday Is Like Sunday / To Give (The Reason I Live) / Let Me Kiss You / Meat Is Murder / I Will See You In Far Off Places // Still Ill

set list provided by Amsden and also FROSTY

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Sad son,

No matter what you think of dear Morrissey....Jesse Tobias still sucks.

We'll let you know.

Sad imbecil,

Don't you ever dare!! Sir Jesse Tobias is - fantastic guitar player!!

we'll let you know


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Trolls galore ... show was great, length should not be a surprise to anyone. Don't enjoy his shows? ...don't go

Mr. Hate

Trolls galore ... show was great, length should not be a surprise to anyone. Don't enjoy his shows? ...don't go

This was my first time seeing Moz (LONG time fan, however). So tell me, dear veteran, why should the objectively noticeable short length not be a surprise to me. Oh, by the way, I live in NYC and attend on the average +50 shows a year, easily. I'll wait for your answer.

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If you don't like the fact that Morrissey - like every other recording artist & stand up comedian - play set lists that are roughly the same each night... don't buy f***ing tickets, get a life & stop following the man around.



Relax siss-boy.

The truth remains that this setlist is not much different than ones from prior tours. If he cared, he'd change things up.

You who think he cares about his fans are seriously effed up. Perhaps you have a blue rose up your arse!


Wrong species


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Only complaints are the sounds of Ritualistic animal sacrifice that seemed to be prominent in Kristeen Young's set and the fact that the girl in front of me seemed to make it a point to try to insert her purse into my right breast and block my view with her large, gyrating head. Otherwise, ultimately satisfied. Who cares of theyre the same songs? I'll still pay to see them played.



I went to the Term 5 show last night with a friend and during the encore it got pretty rowdy, i couldn't see anything on stage cause the crowd in front of me was moving around too much but my friend said Morrissey cut his hand, was bleeding and just then the show ended abruptly. I didn't see anything posted about it but just thought maybe someone else saw/knows something about this.


Overall, how was the opening act? The above description sounds horrible.


Just came by to write how disappointed I was with last nights show. I've been a fan since the 80's and seem Morrissey on numerous occasions. (I was at the infamous Limelight show that got shut down by the fire marshal) I saw him on wed night at RCMH and had a blast. But I have to say that last night's set list was just disappointing.

Malajusted and Spring Heeled Jim? Really? He could have played any number of songs that kept that crowd energized. Where was When Last I spoke With Carol? Trouble Loves Me? or any number of songs.

I bought tickets when he refused to play Smith's songs, I bought tickets when he played far off venues, I traveled to Ireland once to see him, I even bought tickets knowing full well he will play an hour and a half, play one song for an encore and not return but after last night's show I took Morrissey's advice and sold my ticktes to tonight's show.

I remember when the entire show had the enthusiasm of last night's finale. And I think that's what sealed the deal for me when I heard:

It just wasn't like the old days anymore
No, it wasn't like those days
Am I still ill ?


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All this complaining about the setlist is making me ill.:sick:Nobody made you buy tickets.What a waste.Lots of us would love to be at these shows.To me it sounds like a pretty great setlist.I love the man and seeing him would have made me so happy.You can never please everybody I guess.All I hear is wah! wah! wah!:tantrum:


Boring set list, I am glad I did not spend $90 for this old has-been. It was great seeing him in the early 90's , saw him again in the Apollo shows in 2000's, I swore I feel asleep and a friend had to wake me up. Moz retire already or just reunite with Marr and have a Smiths reunion. I'll pay double or triple for that!!


So bad that I can almost be certain that I committed some horrible atrocity in a past life and God decided to punish me for it last night. I still have a headache and a ringing in my ear, actually.

Wow! Sorry to hear that, even if it was written sarcastically. I know KY is not a favorite but she is what she is. *shrugs* we're stuck with her as an opening (should one decide to attend Moz's concerts) until further notice.


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You know, a PETA apology is one thing, but I knew you were a plant when you said that Terminal 5 is an awesome venue. Nice try, but you need to go back to troll school. You are too easy to spot.

Don't be such a butthurt! Terminal 5 IS an awesome venue, especially for those of us used to the charmingly underwhelming world of 285 Kent. Why do people feel the need to argue their authenticity vis-a-vis something as banal as concert sites when it's mostly a matter of taste, and taste, as we all know, is a moot point?

I may be painfully bourgeois, but I ain't no "plant." As a person who eats meat sparingly, but still eats it alas, I was very impressed by the decisiveness of the message, especially since most people nowadays can't tell a political statement from a cheap provocation (compare it to Madonna's recent striptease for Malala Yousafzai, and you'll see what an impotent abortion of artistry she's become). Anyway, it really drove home the point that this is something I ought to phase out of my life if I want to be able to live with myself as a pet owner, and by "I" I mean myself and not latently "everyone else." Isn't that the most meaningful kind of connection you can have with an artist you admire, not that delusional private sense of communion so many people entertain?

I'm just surprised no one else commented on it, and when they did, it was mostly negative, that's all. Is everyone really that eager to insulate themselves from the grim reality?
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I came in having been "warned" about the "Meat is Murder" montage that Moz does about three-quarters of the way through the set. Was it unpleasant? Yes. Was it an imposition? Yes. But it was also the most impressive thing I've ever seen an artist do for his audience.

It was hard to regroup and enjoy the rest of the show after seeing the horrors of the corrupt and wasteful meat industry juxtaposed against the innocent, confused and loving expressions of these beautiful animals forced to suffer—often at the hands of exceptionally sadistic people whose very sense of power derives from degrading the weak and the helpless—for something as ephemeral as our sensory pleasure. It's even harder to accept that most people aren't overeager carnivores, just willfully ignorant of the facts because they are so distressing to face.

The way Morrissey and his team devised this coup was brilliant. We come to enjoy a show and are caught unawares in a moment of vulnerability. We cannot hide or flee. It's late enough that it doesn't spoil the experience yet it leaves a lasting impression. (Afterwards, Moz quipped to the effect of, "And here you thought you had tickets to Mama Mia!") The analogy between us and the animals in that moment is unintended, perhaps, but also unavoidable. Except they, unlike us, are born to die. I'm not here to foist my ideology on anyone because I can't say I'm entitled to one, but this was by far one of the strongest and most coherent political statements I've ever witnessed an artist make on stage (take that Madonna, with your neutered, ill-conceived pseudo-jargon and "sexy" Mussolini getups).

Terminal 5 is an awesome venue. Morrissey and band sounded incredible—tight, full, loud—and interpreted the ish out of what initially looked like a mediocre setlist. Not to mention, played "Maladjusted," it being another stifled Friday night and all. Plus, he seemed in good spirits/was wearing a wondrously tacky array of tunics (that canary yellow yoke number!). I'll be back tomorrow to be traumatized yet again, but as awful as it feels, I want to keep this feeling of indignation alive.

Very interesting observations, AnnaK; well said. : )


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set was great. got to meet corrissey. that's all that matters.

Aww! I've never had someone camp out on a sidewalk for me before! :) Great to finally see/meet/hang with you. You should come out of your sleeping bag more often ;)

Thrilled that I finally met some online friends, some you don't know, some you 'do' (nugz and Buzzetta!) and a bestie of mine just moved here and I spent the day at Central Park with her yesterday. The cherry on top of my weekend.

waves to Corrissey
*waves back enthusiastically*

I went to both shows, in the pit on Friday and in the balcony on Saturday. Both shows equally good, but I lean towards the Fri show as being better (naturally ;)). Moz seemed a bit tired on Sat (or maybe that was just me) but fine spirits both nights ("Please excuse my happiness") the band was tight and the sound really good, a great venue and its security was impressive. Interesting to see it from two vantage points and I have a lot of pics and video to eventually down/up load when I get home. I taped both encores, Friday's stopped when I got jumped on a boot to both sides of the head and I caught all of Saturdays which while the kid was cute, I'd have preferred to catch my friends getting up there instead. Highlights for me were Fantastic Bird on Fri and I Know It's Over on Sat. Seems all I had to do was mention it to someone that I wish he'd play those and he did. Ah if only it worked that way ;) Springheeled Jim and Maladjusted two other faves in what were great set lists, IMO. I will post more soon, just gotta get up and go... Last day in NYC. I love it here but Sweet Home Chicago beckons. I will some of you on a couple weeks!

Love, peace & harmony ~ Coz
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megane from uk

you new yorkers do not know how lucky you were to see moz here -i have seen him 3 times at home including manchester-- his birthpace --and your venue is way ahead----shame about the constant drone of those yapping behind me- why did they bother to deprive others of tickets for this icon??
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