New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall (Oct. 10, 2012) post-show

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By davidt on Oct 11, 2012 at 3:30 AM
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    Set List:

    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You're The One For Me, Fatty / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Black Cloud / Spring-Heeled Jim / People Are The Same Everywhere / Meat Is Murder / To Give (The Reason I Live) / Let Me Kiss You / Speedway / I Know It's Over / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / I'm OK By Myself // Still Ill

    set list provided by MORRIZSEY

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Oct 11, 2012.

    1. Simplysmiths
      is it any surprise? everyone wants The Smiths back.....had enough of this current 'band' cough cough
    2. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      You mean Jesse flubbing 'Still Ill' from 00:23-00:30?
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    3. Simplysmiths
      To flippin right it is. This hasnt been funny for a number of years....
    4. Simplysmiths
      oh my god...Johnny please dont listen to this cretin.
    5. CrystalGeezer
      Considering Morrissey only sang about 30% of the song properly your criticism of Jesse seems a tad out of place.
    6. Bluebirds
      Complaints about length of setlists are predictable but then I saw Radiohead on Tues night in the soulless cavenous O2 Arena in London and they did 2 and a 1/4 hours. With two encores. Of 3 songs each.

      I would have thought a show in a prestigious New York venue would have seen Morrissey pull out a few surprises but then he's always been a West Coast kinda guy... if you get my drift :)
    7. girlonbike
      Why do you even bother posting on a Morrissey forum if you hate the man so much? All I am saying is that #BlueRose got fulfilled today and you are still too blind to see the truth!
    8. Anonymous
      And just what exactly does "properly" mean? Surely you're not so shallow, stupid and an enemy of live music that you mean "exactly like the record"...?
    9. PregnantForTheLastTime
      What truth? You said someone would bring him a blue rose and then someone did. What does that prove? The most all this means is that Morrissey reads that lameo blog and is playing along. It still doesn't mean anything.
    10. chermar
      You said it well.. I also think the lighting was awful because he was in the dark the whole time except a couple of quick moments. It's also weird seeing him in that venue ... selling popcorn and candy in the lobby just kind of cheapened it for me ... however, that is not the venue's fault ... anyway, I look forward to the Terminal Five gig on Friday.

    11. Anonymous
      moz has been reading the 'lameo' blog for a long time, as all the coincidences prove quite clearly. That is all we're saying and it's true - it could easily be proven in a court of law.
    12. CrystalGeezer
      What truth?
    13. Anonymous
      Question: The audio that played before he took the stage, I couldn't hear all of it clearly, but it sounded like a litany of objectionable people and circumstances... does anyone know where that came from and/or how to get a transcript/copy?

      Struck me as very interesting stuff, what little I could make out...

    14. Wozzles
      I don't know why you guys complain so much. I got not 1, but 2 full beers spilled on me by a drunk douche bag who kept screaming at me to get out of his seat, which of course, was MY seat. He finally realized he was being crazy when his equally drunk girlfriend intervened and said:" BOB, our seats are two over, I THINK YOU SPILLED YOUR DRINK ON HER"

      I bet he works for viacom.

      How amazing is MEAT IS MURDER+FILM segment? Definitely worth the beer Bukkake. Viva MORRISSEY!
      Imperfect List by Big Cold Hard Excellent Fish
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    16. FAN
      Morrissey should be worrying about getting some of his creative juices back and getting rid of most (if not all) of his current band--especially if he is somehow responsible for, or a part of that stupid society. He is not Oscar Wilde--never will be--and never will be compared to him. Look at Morrissey's latest lyrics, and there is not anything close to the wit and eloquence of Wilde.

      Of course, all of those with their heads tucked fully up his arse will disagree.

      Morrissey, starting off with Last Night.... is certainly an energy sucker.
    17. MozFanNJ
      Loved the show last night......though I too would have liked a few more did go quick......but I liked the set-list for the most part

      Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me - Glad to finally hear it live....
      You Have Killed Me - Sounded good.....
      The Youngest Was The Most Loved - ok....
      You're The One For Me, Fatty - Great....loved it
      I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris - Nice song....
      Shoplifters Of The World Unite - Excellent....
      Everyday Is Like Sunday - Excellent.....
      Ouija Board, Ouija Board - Sounded great.....awesome live....
      Black Cloud - Good song....
      Spring-Heeled Jim - Great live last night....
      People Are The Same Everywhere - Good song.....great bass....
      Meat Is Murder - The boys rocked it out.....disturbing images on the screen....
      To Give (The Reason I Live) - Nice cover....
      Let Me Kiss You - Nice song...
      Speedway - Loved of my favorites....
      I Know It's Over - Incredible song.....highlight of the night for me....
      One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell - good song....
      I'm OK By Myself - Ok....
      Still Ill - Was wondering if it was going to be this or HSIN........both would have been awesome.....but this was great......

      Next stop for me will be the finale in AC! Have a great tour Moz.....
    18. CrystalGeezer
      But Moz is handed a lot of shit on stage and has like half a second to register what it is while singing and putting on a show and etc, etc. Why are dreams coming true because someone you enlisted to give him a blue rose gave him a blue rose and he took it? :squiffy: I prophesize I'm about to take a dump. OMG THERE'S POOH IN THE TOILET IT'S A FUCKING MIRACLE!!!! (Actually I'm in the parking lot of Michaels about to go buy some paper. :p)
    19. jerrylovesukindie
      as ticket prices go up ,1hr 20m gigs are unacceptable. period.
    20. FROSTY
      ..were two peas in a pod ~ha ha

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