New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall (Oct. 10, 2012) post-show

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Set List:

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You're The One For Me, Fatty / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Black Cloud / Spring-Heeled Jim / People Are The Same Everywhere / Meat Is Murder / To Give (The Reason I Live) / Let Me Kiss You / Speedway / I Know It's Over / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / I'm OK By Myself // Still Ill

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ive seen pretty much every moz show in NYC since kill uncle. gotta say, i am always uplifted , but tonite didnt feel it. some family problems at home might have dimmed my head, and i was counting on moz to see me thru, but it didnt happen. i thought the sound mix was poor, his voice was buried, and a bit bright or tinny. i was in the 10th row, and probably they mix for the center to back of the house, its quite large. maybe i should give them a pass on that. i felt if you didnt know the words already, you were lost, and what is moz without words? i looked for more ballads, less power chords and general rock noise. even the few ballads were a bit tepid. i think the roseland and beacon shows in 99/2000 were the pinnacle. the apollo gigs neck and neck with them. cost me a pretty penny tonite, 375 for two tickets, a days pay from work, 250.00 . oh well ps- kristeen young is as bad as they say. i had to go to the lobby for her set. she jerks her body like elaine on seinfeld dancing at j petermans xmas party. pounds the piano and just wails. if she did the set naked, i might have lasted 2 more songs.

ps - kudos to moz on the animal suffering videos. i'm a veg, but it totally reinforced my commitment. what a sad species were are to do that to animals, and not care.

Great description !
the show ended way too early by my watch. I think Moz and the boys just went over an hour by a few minutes.

Your watch needs fixing then: it was in fact just a couple of minutes short of an hour and a half which is what he always plays.
Hilarious to see Americans complaining about a short show and only one encore. He ain't Springsteen ffs. And thankfully so.
I feel bad for Terminal 5 attendees who will have to stand during the second half of this show. Brutally boring and lifeless songs and presentation.
The show was good B+, but the animal videos Moz, WE GET IT. We know.....thank god I sat and turned away.....I bought a ticket to listen to you and unwind...Peta was was........overkill…
learn to love him

Nice post!

And might I add, drifter, that you are a complete class act. I wish there were more people like you around here.
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This was my 13th Morrissey show; was really glad to hear him play some songs I'd never heard in concert before ("Shoplifter," "Last Night," "Fatty," etc.) but I agree the crowd was a bit subdued. That being said, it's Radio City Music Hall, on a Wednesday; it's not like it's general admission where people are going to get hot and sweaty. Also, people stood for the entire show, which I thought made the room feel smaller than it was. so, not huge energy (I thought the Carnegie Hall show a few years ago was better), but I still enjoyed it. He looked and sounded great, and an eleven year-old named Kyle was the first stage invader during the encore; you gotta love that.
Bouncers did a great job during encore! Great venue, great night!

no they did not. also, 'fans' trying to help security stop people from rushing the pit/stage... you should maybe just move aside or get balcony seats next time.

The complaints about length of the setlist and the lack of alteration to the setlist during the tour must be from those who haven't seen Moz on the last 15+ years. Pretty much par for the course. Doesn't bother me at all, just happy to see him live. I was in the pit, and the vibe was a bit odd. Seemed like a fair number of people weren't big fans, and that made it a little lackluster. I guess that sort of goes with an assigned seating event (especially at a classy joint like Radio City) as opposed to general admission, which always seem higher energy to me. Several of the guys in the pit seemed like they just finished their day at Lehman Brothers and accidentally ended up front row at a Morrissey concert wondering why it was taking Phil Collins so long to get on stage.

I thought Moz looked and sounded great, and it was a nice appetizer for the weekend shows. Sure, I'd like him out there for 3 hours doing a greatest hits compilation...but it ain't gonna happen. I'm grateful he's still touring, and I savor every chance I get to see him since I feel like I never know when he may decide to hang it all up for good.

My only gripe, and it's probably in the minority, is the whole Meat is Murder accompanied by the Meet Your Meat video. I'm a vegetarian, love the song and the album, and I still found that completely unnecessary. We're all there for a good time, and that was like a funeral in the middle of a wedding. Everyone there knows his stance on the subject, and he's "preaching to the choir," so to speak. Wrong forum, I think...

agreed about the big money/season ticket holder types in the pit section. i wish moz would set these aside for fans. a ticket lottery or something.

i feel your comment about meat is murder and the video is completely off. many animal eating fans have been complaining about this since he added it to the set. therefor, it being a necessity to moz.
Mixed feelings. First time seeing Moz overseas as an exiled Brit. Good not great set but no surprises. Thought Moz sounded fantastic as did the band. But the crowd!?!? There were those around me who seemed confused - basically they only perked up during Smiths songs. I've never left a Mozzer gig without being soaked in sweat. Not tonight. Maybe I'm getting old. Still can't beat belting out the words to Still Ill. It just wasn't like the old days anymore...

I've seen Morrissey in Harlem and Washington DC. Both shows had much more energy and a positive vibe from the crowds. Most likely because he played great setlists each time. The sound and the lighting was lacking last night as well. I cant tell you how many times I had to look down because I was being blinded by the stage spotlights. Lets face it the fans want to hear certain songs and he didnt play many of them. We kept waiting and hoping but he didnt deliver.
Great show... not the best I've seen. This was my 15th. But big, formal venues like this tend to be rigid and chilly, especially in a high-profile city where a lot of people are there out of vague interest and not because they are serious fans. I felt bad for anyone in row 2 or 3 of the pit--they were made to stay glued to their seats while the hedgies at front center partied. (Still, it was nice to be able to enjoy front row without being utterly crushed.)

There was an amazing little boy and his dad in the front row of the pit--Morrissey spoke with him at one point. He said he was 11. He knew all the words, was just as entranced as any of us who've been following along for 25 years. It was a beautiful thing to see. This boy did make it up on stage for a hug, and was treated very gently by security. He also gave Morrissey a framed picture of himself--it was a recreation of this:
. Very cute.

The other highlight was that I brought a galley copy of my book to give to Morrissey. He took it graciously and propped it up on the drum stand, which totally made my night. I do hope he actually reads it--it contains a Smiths-related story I thought he'd like.

We were sad when we saw him confer with the keyboardist--that was when he skipped Maladjusted. Maybe Friday or Saturday... would also love Alma Matters.
Any comments on the opening act (is there one?) - if so, what time is Moz taking the stage? I'm going to see him at Heinz Hall and want to save my energy :)
The more I look back on this show, the more I liked it. He sounded great and the song selection kept the pace moving. I will complain, though about Meat is Murder being included in the setlist. I don't mind the politics or even the video that accompanied the song. It's just a brooding, boring seven minutes in a set that barely touches 90 minutes. How much nicer would it have been to get Trouble Loves Me, Now My Heart is Full, or Boxers, for example? But, any time I see a show, where the artist has SO MUCH great material, I pine for what could have been included in place of something I did not care for.
Beautiful opening with Last Night I Dreamnt... and I really liked Youngest was the Most Loved. Fatty, Sunday, Shoplifters, I Know It's Over, People Are the Same Everywhere were amongst the highlights, natch. Enjoyed stripped down Speedway and the intensity in Ouija Board very much.
Some notes: Not the biggest fan of Radio City for a rock show. It's gorgeous and opulent but antiseptic, which does not encourage a frenzy of crowd rushing or the usual energy that we like to see; perhaps the shows at the stripped down Terminal 5 will be more conducive to that. The sound was great as far as I was concerned, at the front of the house. Enjoyed Kristeen Young more once she got out from behind the keyboard. She has a dynamic voice and her music, with the more industrial techno beats and arrangements are better when she steps away from the keyboard. I got a kick out of her because I could just picture a young, barely pubescent Morrissey going to see someone like her in years gone by, and being absolutely fascinated by it, like with the Sparks.
Right before Ouija Board, Morrissey, who was engaging with the crowd all night, asked a kid in the front row (lucky devil) how old he was, and what his name was. The kid said he was 11 and that his name was Kyle. I distinctly remember a show at the Borgata in Atlantic City back in 2007 or so, when Morrissey asked a lad in audience what his name was, and the kid said it was Kyle, also. That boy was certainly younger than 11 at that time. I'm positive it was the same kid.
All in all, a fine show.
Morrissey and the band were perfect and in great form. They were spot on and sounded great! I thought it was unusual to see such a light show at a Moz concert. I had gotten used to the photos on the back screen. The lighting actually made it difficult to see Moz's face. The only complaint about the show I have was the audience. Why were some of them even there? It was if they were already dead. The guy in front of me was playing games by on his phone - and he was by himself, which would make me think he actually wanted to see the show. I sat in the 1st Mezz, and my friend and I were the only ones dancing, singing and screaming our heads off. I was embarrassed to be a part of that pathetic audience. I saw him at Carnegie Hall a few years back, which was also seated, and the energy was better that evening. I am going to Terminal 5 and AC. Those are GA venues, and the energy there should be the complete opposite of last night. GA Moz shows have better energy, even if some of the other fans can be too aggressive.
i feel your comment about meat is murder and the video is completely off. many animal eating fans have been complaining about this since he added it to the set. therefor, it being a necessity to moz.

I do not mind the politics in Meat s Murder, nor do I necessarily mind the accompanying video. Carnivore that I am, I understand that animal rights is something the Morrissey feels very strongly about and he deserves deference in conveying his beliefs. My problem is the song. It's long and it's boring. How much happier would we all have been to hear Nobody Loves Us or Now My Heart is Full (or even BOTH) for example, in the time it took to play MiM?
Not much to add to all of the above: Morrissey's vocals were gorgeous, he looked fit, and the band played with gusto. Radio City Music Hall is a difficult venue as far as atmosphere goes (as Morrissey noted from the stage). He gave it his all, but it never caught fire. At least he didn't storm out like he did the last time I saw him here on the Quarry tour - then the night ended with a round of booing and a disgruntled slinking out.

"I Know It's Over" was a soaring highlight, and "Meat is Murder" was fantastic; reminded me of all the great political Agit-Punk bands of decades past: Consolidated, EBN, etc.

I was terribly sad when he dropped "Maladjusted"; it's the song I've been longing to hear for all these years.

Ah well, there's always the weekend...
What did the tee shirts the band was wearing say? Yellow with red type? I want to find one to buy!
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