New York Dolls - Max's Kansas City - 4 July 1976 - w/ Mick Ronson!


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The Dolls (or The Dollettes, the post-Johnny Thunders/Jerry Nolan Dave & Syl band)
Venue: Max's Kansas City, NYC
Date: July 4, 1976

Lineage: mp3 > convert to .aif (Switch) > track splits (Peak 4) > xACT flac conversion ( level 8 )

01 intro
02 Teenage News (Sylvain)
03 Bicentennial announcement
04 Pills (Diddley)
05 Boys' High Mambo (traditional high school chant/taunt)
06 Personality Crisis (Johansen/Thunders)

David Johansen - vocals/harmonica
Sylvain Sylvain - vocals/guitar
Peter Jordan - bass
Tony Machine - drums
Bobby Blaine - keyboards
Mick Ronson - guitar

Thanks to NUZZ for this one:

"I say New York Dolls, but in reality they were The Dollettes. Only Sylvain and David remained from the original Dolls, although bassist Peter Jordan had been Arthur 'Killer' Kanes stunt double, hiding behind the amps and playing bass while Arthur stood on stage incapacitated. Never mind flogging a dead horse, The Dolls were f***ing it’s corpse by the time of this show. The guest appearance by Mick Ronson shows that a Spider From Mars is no substitute for Johnny Thunders. Sorry it’s only one long MP3 and that the sound’s not to hot, but that’s the way I got it. For completists only, even though it’s not the complete set, just the numbers they did with Mick which include Teenage News, Pills, and Personality Crisis."

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OK, this isn't the complete show, but legend has it these are all the tunes Mick Ronson played on. All I had was a single mp3 file, so I converted it to .aif and split the tracks. I have included the original mp3 file and some photos as well.
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