New York Dolls David Johansen announces one-off solo show


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Straight copy from nme

New York Dolls' frontman David Johansen has announced a one-off solo show.

Playing at Patriots Theatre at the Trenton War Memorial on November 25, the singer will be performing New York Dolls songs as well as his own solo material and even a few covers.

"I've been wanting to play a bunch of songs that I don't normally get the opportunity to sing in a loud and fast [New York] Dolls show." Johansen said about the show. "As much as I love that, I also like to explore the more soulful side of singing," He added.


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This should be great. I hope he does some songs from the 'Harry Smiths' CDs. As much as I love him when he's rocking out with The Dolls he's also pretty fine when it is just him and an acoustic guitar.
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