New York City, NY - Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (May 2, 2019) post-show

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That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore / Suedehead / Alma Matters / Hairdresser On Fire / Is It Really So Strange? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / How Soon Is Now? / I Wish You Lonely / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Morning Starship / If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Back On The Chain Gang / The Bullfighter Dies / Trouble Loves Me / Jack The Ripper / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / Everyday Is Like Sunday / What She Said // Let Me Kiss You

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I can tell this is going to be an epic gig capture - sounds great.
Thank you.
Yeah, I'm really pleased with both the audio and video. Especially the audio. There are two "Sound Designers" credited in the Playbill - Peter Hylenski and Garth Helm. Their results are amazing. This Broadway residency is a huge upgrade over the usual concert venue.


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Loved the opener. Reminded me of my first Moz show in Port Chester, NY in 2013 (yeah, I'm an old Smiths fan but a relative newbie to Moz). Includes the a cappella "On Broadway" snippet opener:

The audio quality is outstanding! Great job by the sound team.

Thanks for this. Moz and the band both sound very good.

An odd choice of opener, but his setlist choices are frequently odd so no change there. :)


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Wow, what an amazing night! One of the best Moz concerts I’ve ever been to.
Loved all of it, the big highlight for me was hearing “Seasick” again after a 10 year hiatus. Moz was in great spirits and seemed incredibly proud and grateful for being on Broadway. He gave a lot of handshakes despite there being a big “moat” between the barrier and the stage, encouraging us to “reach!” He signed a 7” copy of “Paris” for the guy standing next to us. I’m looking forward to going again next week for the last two nights.
Thank you, docinwestchester for all the photos and videos of the evening.


There was a sprinkling of empty seats but as soon as the usual final video came up everyone run forward and it was standing throughout. So a back row ticket will get you to third row if you like...

Great to hear Seaside

“I will be here tomorrow, but you won’t...”

Great set lists of late , my favourite was What She Said. The crowd didn’t go berserk but then they were wealthy New Yorkers- perhaps the Latinos in Queens were priced out..

I think it will be well reviewed overall, great voice these days.

I think he’ll see off all the broadway dates.

Aw bless.
The worst of the new bandwagon lot. Bring back David Lewin


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Absolutely smokin' version. Moz adds a lot of nice vocal effects during the instrumental parts (eg, around 2:20).

The rest of the show coming soon. Good night!
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Just curious if anyone tried waiting for him after the show and if he actually stopped for fans? And maybe the likelihood of him doing that on other nights? Naive questions perhaps :)


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nice effect on the back of his can really notice the difference between a theatre which was designed for singing and music and these big horrible sheds people are packed into in the big cities.bring back the small venues as its more intimate but probably less viable fininancially.

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"From Manchester England"

The nut job racist in Los Angeles who frequently pollutes the pages of this site will need medical attention after reading that.

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