New Video - All You Need Is Me


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oye terence

ampersand after ampersand
it reminds of all the your arsenal era videos,and the use of the tambourine from the pregnant for the last time video.



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OMG he is so cute! :)


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Love it!

I bet Moz loved it when Solomon dove over the drum set :p

Fun video! Too bad Alain missed out on the fun :(


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That's pretty awesome. His band seems hilarious.


tomorrow part 2 .. well almost..a bit alking through the camera never fails..right moz...;)
looks like the video was shot is in his (or one of the bands `s garden
-didnt boz live in americ too for quite some time?

nice low will never air on mtv anyway if its `s a low budget thingy or a costly thing..he looks soo relaxed..and healthy

and that last scene adoreable

quote sistasheila
it will never air on mtv anyway if its `s a low budget thingy or a costly thing
.i wonder what was the most expensive video moz shot


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My GOD, what a terrific news day!: album title and SG release in September, new singles deliveries, and now this. Information overload!

I take it that wasn't Russel Brand flipping over the drumset. He must have been busy blowing bubbles somewhere.

Silly tee shirt count: 4

M. Walker: 1978 District Track Meet

Boz: I'm So Miserable Without You It's Almost Like Having You Here :p

Jessie: Girl Wanted

Moz: Bullet holes? How LA Gangsta
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