New Vauxhall and I blue vinyl

So did anyone manage to get their hands on a copy?
Got ours from Manchester
Wasn’t that busy but, they let 6 people in before us. We were the first 2 and there was 6 people in the store who all had a stack of records and later queued at Fopp
It looked like the were vinyl shop owners
Either way - bang out order
Tried for VU but they only had 2 and both gone/.
Already sold out :(

Anyways, congrats to Moz!
Does anybody have a bigger picture of the label?
The re-selling of the album on HMV is after 6 tonight if any left.
Picture and separate thread when I get home.
HMV Birmingham's reserve and come back system was excellent today - kudos to their manager.
99 pounds on discogs. One certain user "The Smiths" (aka ordinaryboy) interested in buying a copy.
I'm asking for a trusting kind soul in England that will pick me up a copy of the new exclusive blue vinyl VAUXHALL AND I LP out on the 15th of August at HMV stores for my collection and then send to the states.....I could pay a head of time via PayPal. Please
Thanks grits_sandwich, you are a truly kind individual and you know ill always be grateful to you for everything you have helped me get.....super sweet, if this world had more of this kindness what a pleasant world we would grateful
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