New Vauxhall and I blue vinyl


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I'm asking for a trusting kind soul in England that will pick me up a copy of the new exclusive blue vinyl VAUXHALL AND I LP out on the 15th of August at HMV stores for my collection and then send to the states.....I could pay a head of time via PayPal. Please
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Contact Ordinary Boy, he seems reliable.
I am in a similar position, whilst I live in the UK there is little chance I shall be able to get to the nearest HMV on the day of release. So I shall be forced to use Ebay to get my hands on a copy. I have no issue paying a little over the original price to compensate someone for their time, but it annoys me to pay the heavily inflated Ebay prices. Oh well, that is life 😟
About 8 per store...
This RSD sucks.Many people will buy ,only to sell on ebay and make a lot of money.I hope many sites sell online.
The best of clear vinyl with 1600 copies was sold online and took many time to sold out.So if anyone knows any site with copies to sell(not HMV),i appreciate.
HMV have said that some of the planned releases for the 15th August will be online after 18.00 hours ..fingers crossed those that want a copy, get one.
My HMV contact just reiterated the 1 per customer stance. It was similar for the gold HMV only ones. Their vinyl week isn't anything to do with RSD. Ironically, you stand a much better chance of getting RSD releases this year (over 3 dates now) as shops are using reservation systems and mail order in light of recent events to be fairer to people.
Anyhow, here's some positive news for people in the UK at least re: HMV's vinyl:


Couple already on eBay
Think it’s a case of putting it in now, and hoping they get one tomorrow
I guess they just cancel the order if they don’t get one....terrible
“If for whatever reason the item becomes unavailable, you will be contacted and issued with a full refund.“
Both sold for £60 each...?!
£98 !!
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