New UNCUT - Morrissey on Mick Ronson (Feb. 2013)

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By thecondy on Dec 31, 2012 at 4:18 PM
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    Jan 30, 2008
    UPDATE Jan. 3:

    Uncleskinny has posted scans in the comments section.

    Just got the new UNCUT magazine (Feb 2013 - Gram Parsons on cover).

    Great article on Mick Ronson including a two-thirds of a page interview with Moz. Very good interview with some great quotes that I've not seen before.

    Also, in the main article itself, Mick's widow says that Morrissey paid him v well for producing Your Arsenal which was good coz it meant that he could continue with his cancer treatment...

    Also has a big review of the new deluxe reissue of The Heartbreakers' LAMF.

    See also:

    Morrissey: "None of Bowie’s $20,000-a-day US guitarists had a grain of Mick Ronson’s natural style" -

    Morrissey has paid tribute to guitarist Mick Ronson, best known for his work with David Bowie, in the new issue of Uncut.

    The former Smith has long been a fan of the guitarist, who produced his 1992 album Your Arsenal, and reveals the full extent of his admiration in the latest Uncut, out on Thursday (January 3, 2013).

    "No matter how you juggle the words, Mick was not replaced in David’s life," Morrissey tells Uncut. "None of David’s $20,000-a-day US guitarists had a single grain of Mick’s natural style, and even Eno only worked with David for 14 days. Mick had been David’s lifelong asset – no-one else."

    The whole story of Mick Ronson's life is told in the new issue, with help from friends and collaborators, including wife Suzi Ronson, singer-songwriter Michael Chapman, Bowie producer Ken Scott and fellow Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue guitarist T-Bone Burnett.

    The new Uncut, dated February 2013, is out on Thursday (January 3, 2013).


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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by thecondy, Dec 31, 2012.

    1. celibate
      We'll see if it's released if there are spectacular facts which are not written or
      known allready

      Nice picture
    2. Anonymous
      These days everything really is all about the money for Morrissey. So sad. So he may not like Bowie's later guitarists. How ironic that many of Moz's fans have the same complaint about his current crop of musicians. Although I really doubt he's paying them $20k/day.
    3. nozmuppet
      Pot Calling the Kettle Black........Headline: Moz pays $250 a day on US guitarists.......Not a patch on Johnny and Alain......
    4. Anonymous
      I think he was making is that money doesn't buy talent, not even 20k a day.
    5. Anonymous
      Bowie made it big with the Spiders, and with all the homoerotic connections, no wonder for Morrissey Ronson is the ultimate Bowie guitarist.

      But with Bowie moving on after 1974....personally i love Earl Slick's work on "Station....", Adrian Belew on Lodger , one can touch Fripp on Heroes.
    6. Anonymous
      Morrissey criticising someone else's guitarist.
      The irony is spectacular.
    7. Anonymous
      Pity he wouldn't pay his own ex-bassist (who really should have been given a writing credit if M&M weren't obsessed with the names after the brackets) what he's due.
    8. Guernie
      Moz gives Bowie the humiliating kick to the crotch . Then is all smiles !
    9. Anonymous
      As should John Porter on many of those definitive early records - 'This Charming Man', 'How Soon is Now', 'William, It Was Really Nothing'. Marr has never come close to creating music as original, complex and beautiful on his own (including the stuff he produced for The Smiths).
    10. Uncleskinny
    11. joe frady
      joe frady
      Thank you kindly P.
    12. Anonymous
      Which particular bits of those songs do you imagine John Porter to have written?
    13. Ready With Ready-Wit
      Ready With Ready-Wit
      Glad to see this subject fresh off the presses.
    14. Giselle
      Great interview! Many thanks for sharing with us. :guitar:
    15. Anonymous
      Morrissey must surely be able to see the irony in that he, likewise, has never REALLY been able to replace Johnny Marr.
    16. Guernie
      Thanks for the scan Uncleskinny ! Very nice read.
    17. whitewatersky
      awesome - thanks for the scans
    18. Librarian On Fire
      Librarian On Fire
      A nice little interview. You can clearly feel Morrissey’s sense of loss with the passing of Mick. People often focus on the negative aspects of Morrissey’s personality, but he does make some genuine friendships. Andrew Parsi and Mick Ronsen being two.

      The time feels right for a re-release, re-mastered edition of “Your Arsenal”. Morrissey still sounds proud of the album and he has every right to be. Thank you for the scan.
    19. mcrickson
      It's just a shame he finds absolutely nothing redeeming about "Kill Uncle," because there is something there..
      Some very good songwriting.

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