New Transformers film's "Bumblebee" poster features The Smiths t-shirt

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 23, 2018.

By Anonymous on Nov 23, 2018 at 4:45 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 23, 2018.

    1. mcrickson
      Watch Sam lob up a photomontage on Morrissey Central where the text says 'MORRISSEY' instead of Bumblebee, and the shirt is a photo of James Dean.
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    2. The Moz
      The Moz
      The Moz says I refuse to give my blessing to a film that stars that fruity pebble, John Cena. The Moz watched the trailer, yeah, The Moz watched it intently and all he saw was that yabba dabba bitch running around looking like a bloated transvestite Wonder Woman. The Moz is going to watch a real movie, starring a real actor (like ‘The Scorpion King’) instead of this steaming pile of llama crap.

      If you smell what The Moz is cooking.
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    3. Anonymous
    4. gordyboy9
      i think THE MOZ is slightly mental.
    5. The Moz
      The Moz
      The Moz says he sees through your spite and jealousy. But The Moz also gave your statement some consideration. He looked up the very definition of the word “mental” and The Moz agrees with your candy ass wholeheartedly.

      The dictionary defines “mental” as:

      of or relating to intellectual as contrasted with emotional activity; mental acuity.

      So this means you’re saying The Moz is intelligent. The Moz is a member of the intelligentsia. The Moz concurs. The Moz only wishes that he didn’t have this mental advantage over you. Because when all is said and done, that just means that next to The Moz you’re mentally handicapped.

      The Moz isn’t cooking anything. The Moz actually feels bad for you. The Moz is just going to walk away and contemplate in silence for awhile............


      If you smelllllllllllll what The Moz is cooking.
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    6. gordyboy9
      uh uh we have another Aztec on our hands.
    7. The Moz
      The Moz
      “Uh uh” look at you looking at The Moz like you’re half retarded. The Moz will slap the taste out of your mouth, jabroni.

      The Moz says this: know your role and shut your mouth.

      If you smell what The Moz is cooking.
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    8. gordyboy9
      You have been a member since Wednesday,your a newbie.24 posts of utter tripe,lets hope you get bored and move onto another site.
    9. The Moz
      The Moz
      The Moz says your roody poo candy ass has been here a decade and has made nearly 2,000 posts. What’s your excuse for not ever rising above tripe, jabroni?

      One thing is for certain. One thing is crystal clear. As plain as the fat on your ass. If you want The Moz to get bored and move on to another site, you should just send The Moz a link to your posting history.

      If you smellllllllllllllllllll what The Moz is cooking.
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      Mr Moz Will you be checking Gordyboy09 into the smack down hotel?
    11. gordyboy9
      when you lose your virginity come back and let us all know how it was for you,
      two thousand posts with over five hundred funny ticks,least im giving people a bit of a laugh while you are contributing fuck all in your twenty odd posts.
    12. The Moz
      The Moz
      The Moz says this: let The Moz educate your monkey ass in a little subject called math-e-maticssssss. The Moz says he knows your fruity pebble ass thinks 1+1=potato, so you probably don’t understand how percentages work. That’s OK. The Moz is going to slow it down to your speed so you can understand.

      You see little Gordy, you have been on this website for a decade. That’s 10 years. In those 10 years you have made a different post 1,719 times. In that time, those 10 very, very long years filled of posts the quality of a 6 foot tall pile of monkey crap, you’ve managed to get 508 funny votes. That means, that after 10 years and nearly 2,000 posts, 30% of what you posted was considered funny by someone.

      Now, here comes The Moz, the jabroni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, most electrifying (not a) man in allllll of music today. The Moz has been here 4 days, has posted 25 times and has 21 funny votes. That means that 81% of The Moz’s posts have been enjoyed by the millions AND MILLIONS of humasexuals.

      In other words little Gordy, The Moz has checked your bitch ass into The Smackdown Hotel on the corner of Know Your Role Blvd. and Jabroni Drive.

      The Moz gets more poontang in a week than your candy ass gets in a year, jabroni. And since we’re talking about percentages, knowing your mother, there’s an 80% chance that The Moz is actually your daddy. And if that’s the case, The Moz just wants you to know, he’s disappointed in you, son.

      If you smellllllllalalalalalalalallll what The Moz is cooking.
    13. KingKongLeer
      I think it feels kind of out of place.
    14. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      out of place?


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