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Update on T-Shirts

T-Shirt update - for all those that expressed an interest, your size and style requests have now been sent to the printer. For UK people, the cost, including postage, will be £8.00. For Europe and U.S, it will be £9.50 including postage. Don't send anything yet, I want to be sure they are OK before I ask for payment and addresses. They will be printed in the upcoming week, and the week after next I'll be back in touch.


Re: Update on T-Shirts

good stuff. can't wait to see the finished product.
Great, thank you Uncleskinny.
It may be too late, but I'll ask. I'll have two or three spare after I collect them next week, so you may be in luck. I'll keep you in mind.

Lol, too right, it is only life. "Only"
T-shirts are here:


I'll be packing them up and asking for addresses over the next few days. There are some spare, and I'll know how many of what size/style when all are packed up.

When I've got your addresses, I'll let you know the total cost, and you can then start sending payment via Paypal. If you know where you are (do we all?), then feel free to send payment anyway, and I'll cross you off the spreadsheet - but when sending payment, remember to include your address.

As I stated before - £8 UK, £10 rest of world - send via Paypal to [email protected].

In any case, I'll be getting in touch with everyone who's ordered.


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