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Here it is folks ART HOUNDS artwork right off the press!




My secret's my enzyme.


My secret's my enzyme.
Here's the reject version.


Old Mathew

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I think this song is the best of the bunch.

A few minor thoughts:

I'm pretty sure that the chorus is "my life is open" after repeated listens, not "my life is opera." It makes more sense, lyrically -- he is the object of art. But I could be wrong; it's hard to tell on YouTube.

I also disagree that the ending of the song doesn't work. I think the pills and take my hand bit is a nice coda. It appears that the reason the musicians just seem to go on a bit is that they played an extra measure, and should have ended when Moz said "Nobody knows." Which is understandable on the first live airing.

Anyhow, a great song!


Still not sure if it's Opera or Open (don't think its 'a book', sorry Viva!). I think it's Opera though, the style in which he sings the word is "operatic" to some degree, and in the context of the song his life being an Opera could be the same as saying his life is full of drama.


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YOR would have been a wonderful album if it had a good mastering!

I'm not a fan of Bill Inglot's treble-heavy mastering, especially on Years of Refusal where the songs are already loud and heavy to begin with. I think the original 1997 Maladjusted CD has the best mastering out of all the Morrissey CDs.

How will mastering affect the potential of Art Hounds and the newer material? As long as they don't brickwall it and Morrissey finds a decent producer who doesn't think iTunes is the holy grail, we'll have something listenable.


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I thought it was:

"In hushed European museums
Will I see 'em, will I see 'em, will see 'em."

museum/see um...

But I have been reading Dr Seuss to my daughter recently. Mostly 'The Sneetches' and 'What was I Scared Of?' :)


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I think it'd be cool if it was "My life is over."

But honestly, it could very well be "My wife is Oprah," because I can definitely hear that.


i have no idea.

Anyone chat much with BB on FB? Might be a good person to ask.

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"When they can't find a table for their fat Aunt Mabel, they stamp their feet and cry" and "below the belt is shrivelled and small, it knows a thousand woes" have got to be the two most hilarious Morrissey lyrics in years. Trouble is, I don't know if it's deliberate.
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