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Very impressed with it...would love to hear it recorded.

The "fat aunt Mabel' line is simply humorous...can't understand the problem with it.

Love the last half a minute..."When you cannot stand the real world, take my hand"

That was my favourite line too, had my hands stretched out towards the stage! It's a shame this line can't be literal for those days when the 'real world' isn't taking much standing...


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I can dig it.


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Okay - so I'm not that shameless...

Just in case anyone wants a sexy t-shirt for the tour but is saving their pennies (or cents, or whatever), you can now get 20% off Art-hounds t-shirts until Nov 30th if you enter the code DEALONSHIRTS on Zazzle:

Did I mention that they're sexy, and will make you look sexy, and Morrissey will fall in love with you just because of your amazing t-shirt*

* Conjecture, not fact. I take no responsibility, if you go and you stand on your own, then you go home on your own and you cry and you want to die...

Yeah, those aren't sexy.


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You got condom from that?! Well, there's also a square version if it disturbs you (, but I'm sure you/a lot of people will hate them/think they're crap. I knew that when I posted.

Some people might like them though - and there's 20% off at the moment :thumb:

Plus, I need the money 'cos I got made redundant :(



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That's just not as good.

I liked the 'Let the Right One Slip In' one's someone did a while back better...
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