Morrissey Central "New Recording." (February 20, 2023)

WITHOUT MUSIC THE WORLD DIES has been recorded in France. The 10-track album has been described by Jesse Tobias as "a lightning strike."

This is the 5th Morrissey album produced by Joe Chiccarelli.
The songs are:

The Night Pop Dropped
Zoom Zoom The Little Boy
Without Music the World Dies

Suspicious Minds
Many Icebergs Ago
Happy New Tears
The Monsters of Pig Alley

1 and 2 co-written with Jesse Tobias
3, 7, 9, 10 co-written with Alain Whyte
4, 5, 8 co-written with Gustavo Manzur
6 written by Mark Adams
Engineered by Bill Mimms.
Recorded at La Fabrique Studios in St-Remy, France.
Jesse Tobias guitars
Alain Whyte guitars and backing vocals
Gustavo Manzur keyboards and backing vocals
Juan Galeano bass
Brendan Buckley drums

Capitol Records Los Angeles recently terminated their contract with Morrissey, therefore if any record label or private investor has interest in releasing this project, please contact Donnie Knutson at

[email protected]


Details of the newly completed album 'Without Music the World Dies', plus news that Capitol Records has terminated their contract with Morrissey.
How do you record 10 songs so quickly? Seems kind of half-assed.
Not really. Presumably the band are all fully rehearsed on all the songs before they enter the studio, and Morrissey is famous for only ever recording a few takes of each vocal. Add in the fact that Morrissey is paying for the recording time himself, and this isn't going to be one of those situations where a band spends months slowly piecing something together in the studio.
This is all, sadly, likely correct.

I’ve never known anyone to have a bigger persecution complex than our man.

If releasing his songs is the most important thing, and no record labels want to know, then self release it.

I don’t get what he gains from hiring a recording studio and getting the band to record it (presumably at his own cost) and then sitting on it in a huff because all the labels now consider him damaged goods.

Get it out there. Tour it. Prove the labels wrong.
It really seemed like he just wanted the record back to have the freedom to release it, but we all should have known he would try to shop it around again because he never learns. He has no one to blame but himself for these predicaments he finds himself in, which help feed his monumental persecution complex.
He was very clear that he paid for the record to be recorded and then shopped it around! Capital mucked up "WPINOYB" and this is odd that he went back to them. I guess they bought it just to take the piss out of him. Why would he sell the album to Capital who he has fought with before. Burning bridges is never good.....
Who pays for the recording session of this ?
Presumably Capitol did for Bonfire….?
Can’t see M putting his hand in his pocket / unless that’s why he’s selling his Mums house in Ei
Elvis never wrote any part of any of the songs he recorded. His manager the colonel worked out deals that he was to be credited as a co writer for a few during his early career, but in fact they were more a money grab publishing thing. Elvis never wrote anything original ever.
This is actually true, with the one exception being ‘That’s Someone You Never Forget’, to which he provided the title and probably might have contributed to the words.

He was, however, a great arranger and producer.
I am sure I will love them, of course, as I love almost all his songs. And I am sure they will be fantastic: I feel the band and Morrissey are in full and good creative shape. It is just me today: I just want Bonfire in my car 😉
I’ll pay for the gasoline
I'm most excited for "Boulevard", "Headache" and "Notre-Dame" for some reason. Maybe the one word / hyphenated song titles? Which is making me think of "Speedway"...
how about writing an e-mail to the person mentioned with a hint of self-release? If he'd get hundreds of them, this might trigger something..
I would normally be ecstatic about the news like this but as there is already a recorded and unreleased album sitting in the can it's hard to get excited.
That could be good news...
It's no news. The 'this project' in the statement refers to WMTWD. The statement is basically saying Moz is no longer signed to Capitol so he is free to sign a new contract with another label to release this new project, i.e. WMTWD. But BOT remains hidden / lost / resting in peace.
Will Capitol ever talk publicly about what happened with BOT? My guess is probably not. We may get rumours about what happened coming out via the internet in dribs and drabs - but we may never know the truth of what exactly went on behind the scenes.
The one real positive in all this. It didn't break Morrissey. He has recorded a new album and he has a series of live shows lined up. They have been out to destroy him for years. But he's a survivor.
Someone help my confusion please. So BOT never had the Capitol deal in the UK so now Morrissey has 2 recorded albums that no UK label will touch is that right ?
Someone help my confusion please. So BOT never had the Capitol deal in the UK so now Morrissey has 2 recorded albums that no UK label will touch is that right ?
Capitol bought the right to release BOT everywhere except the UK. But what UK label would want to touch an album with such a controversial title track?
WMTWD is free to be sold to the highest bidder. It doesn't appear to have any controversial material (who knows?) so he may well find a label to release it eventually. Eventually...
Any normal artist would self release. But as we know, Moz isn't any normal artist...
I can't believe Morrissey finds it more dignified to beg record companies or investors to distribute his album and to contact his tour manager's gmail address to express 'interest'. This is so degrading and ridiculous, he is ridiculous.
The only thing standing between all of you getting to listen to BOT right now is Morrissey, since the album seems free to distribute again, but I am betting Miley Cyrus is still on it. You all could be streaming BOT tonight, but he won't let you, he can put up each track seperately and leave out the Miley one til it's sorted.
I agree. Immediately after reading that and seeing a GMAIL address I just felt a bit sad. It was not unlike reading an add for someone selling a used car in a newspaper.
without music the world dies

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