New Pixies Box Set Is All About the Art, Not the Music ... Sorta

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It's true that the Pixies have new, limited- and deluxe-edition box sets available but band leader Black Francis (aka Frank Black) warns fans that the set, entitled 'Minotaur,' is more about the package than the music. Kind of.

"If you're not really interested in the art angle then this is probably not for you," Francis tells Spinner, unapologetically. "I would recommend that you just go burn the records off the internet if you just want to hear the music."

His caveat is based on the fact the the limited-edition set, which is a hefty 25 pounds, comes in a '2001: A Space Odyssey'-inspired clamshell, and includes a 96-page hardcover fine-art book of new Pixies artwork and photos, two posters, and additional bells and whistles. But it doesn't really offer hardcore Pixies fans any music that they haven't heard before or that they don't already own (except for, notably, a live DVD and Blu-ray from the band's 1991 show at London's Brixton Academy).

"The music contained basically consists of the five albums," he explains. "To put it in a more romantic way, you could say that those five records are the Pixies' manifesto. B-Sides and that kind of thing qualify only as extra banter, but are not really part of the manifesto."

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