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Im a huge New Order (the band) fan and came across the old interview thread on here from back when the band were discussing Manchester United and their favorite teams. I had a few questions about it, that I hope you dont mind my asking.

What's this all about?
Full interview itself is very funny, though. Barney going on about the team and funny stories. But whats Steve talking about? Sarcasm or meant nothing by it at all? I'm from the USA. So I dunno the history about the team or the players past (was he a bad player or was previously on a bad team?... hence the comment context?) The Iraqi part comes across very wrong. Dont wanna use the term racist, but comes across wrong and un-Steve-like. Kinda took me aback. But it also says it's from a translation, so maybe that got skewed...anyone have the original?
Or was he saying that the macclesfield team was so bad that they could only afford an Iraqi player opposed to a Brazilian one or that the Iraqi guy helped make their crappy team better?
Wondering if something got mixed up in translation.
"New Order and Football"

Which teams do you support?

Stephen Morris Macclesfield Town

Bernard Sumner Manchester Utd.

SM I'm from Macclesfield originally. It's a dirty little town south of Manchester. The team's in the Second Division, and frankly they're pretty bad… they even have an Iraqi player in the squad. Not that it means anything, mind you. Last year, they had a good spell. Four or five victories on the trot. The fans were chuffed. I can hear the stadium from my house, and they never stop singing. The media talked about us a bit then, and especially when the Iraqi arrived… But since then it's been calm. Life has gone back to normal in Macclesfield… sad."

Hope someone can shed some light?


Nothing wrong with what he says. It is unusual for a team to have an Iraqi player - that's all he is saying. I can't think of any other Iraqi player in the English game. He even states he doesnt mean anything by saying that.
Incidentally, when he says Macclesfield are in the 2nd Division, technically he is correct (although it is called League 2, but the reality is it is the 4th tier of the English pyramid system.
Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2.
Peter Hook is also a United fan, though Ian Curtis was a City fan.
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