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Pitchfork: On your MySpace recently, you mentioned going into the vaults and finding all kinds of old tapes and stuff. What's the story there?

PH: Yeah, it was quite a strange situation, actually. When Factory went bankrupt, [Joy Division/New Order manager] Rob Gretton had his hands on a lot of New Order's live stuff, and a lot of film stuff. And it turns out, he put it in this vault to protect it [laughs] from the official receiver, I think. What happened was that the bank lost the record and didn't bill us for this vault. So when Rob died, he took the memory of the vault with him and nobody knew it existed.

Very recently, the lease has come up on the building, so the bank has had to move. So they had to track down the people who had these vaults, then realized that they hadn't been billing anybody, so they let us all off, which was quite nice. But we got our hands back on all this wonderful stuff which we thought had disappeared-- like a full stereo recording of the Tenth Summer Festival that we did with the Smiths. We were told those tapes had been destroyed!

There were about 200 New Order live tapes of mine that had been in storage since 1990 that I had forgotten about. I even found the original master tapes of [Joy Division's debut EP] An Ideal for Living. It's freaky, you know? To get your hands on that after all those years and see your writing on them is unbelievable. The thing is, we don't know what the hell to do with it [laughs]. But it was wonderful to get it back.
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