Morrissey Central "New! New! New!" 2024 Dates for Latin American tour leg (September 22, 2023)

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For all of the (often justified) negativity about Morrissey's seeming inability to make his shows, it's good to see some actual business getting done. Postponed has been another word for canceled far too often.

The rumor and innuendo about some new management seems more real now. All I want for Christmas is Bonfire of Teenagers on vinyl!
great stuff
Eh not to sound like an abandoned cat in a warehouse of rocking chairs but the concerts this year were '40 years of Morrissey'. Which would inevitably imply that next year is 41 years of Morrissey. The Smiths debut album was released in 1984 so really shouldn't the poster say '3 years of The Smiths, 36 years of Morrissey' for 2024 posters, or alternatively '40 years of Morrissey', which in fact is exactly what the poster says. Carry on regardless.
It’s great for the many South American fans.
Hopefully you’ll be more lucky next time.

The tour could as well be called « 65 years of Morrissey » as he will turn 65 next year.
Let's go VAMOZ!!! I knew that Moz was not going to abandon us my super special singer I'm crying !! In addition and best of all, Moz is fine!!! We wait for you Moz in Buenos Aires.Y for those who spoke pavadas there have the dates of Latinoamerica.Morrissey the biggest my special singer is more alive and energetic than ever. That voice I have to hear live! My Viejiss !! Mozuliss you were very cute in the last photos eh!!! I am very happy!!!! Yes God!!!!! Sorry it's very important for me to listen to Morrissey!! For the first time live:disrelieved::hearteyes:🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹😍🥰🤪🤪🤪🫶🫶❤️❤️

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