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    Here´s one more dvd compilation of Morrissey. Total running time is 4 hrs and 30 minutes. The dvd comes complete with menus and chapters, excellent quality, including:


    -LIVE SUMMER SONIC FESTIVAL 2002(japanese tv)- 8 tracks+ivew (suedehad, first of the gang, there is a light, november,....)
    -DALLAS 91 - 16 tracks - piccadilly palare, trash, king leer, our frank,....
    -JONATHAN ROSS SHOW 2004 -iview+irish blood and everyday is like sunday
    -LATER WITH JOOLS HOLLAND 2004 iview+ibeh,first of the gang, let me kiss you
    and there is a light that neve goes out and IBEH from TOP OF THE POPS 2004
    -BRAZIL 2000 (from argentina tv) boyracer,alma maters, november, hairdresser
    on fire and ouija board ouija board
    -PERFORMANCES: several tracks including Sing your life+theres a place in hell (TONIGHT SHOW 91), youre the one for me fatty+certain people i know (MTV LIVE 92)+CNN iview 2004+CRAIG KILBORN 2002 (iview+first of the gang+everyday is like sunday)+ Break up the family (live, pv recording)+ BOZ BOORER AND ALAIN WHITE singing Now my heart is full and the more you ignore me (Boz solo)+Our frank video and IBEH video.

    i will trade or sell for other morrissey videos, especially 2004.
    Those interested, please mail me at [email protected]

    You can see a couple of scans of the dvd on the marketplace area

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