New MorrisseyOKE Video Doc Short

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i didnt even cringe once
Wonderful. Knowing a bit of mexican popular music is easy to understand why he is the chosen one. Solis, Vargas, Negrete, Aguilar, Lara, etc. They meet with Morrissey at some unexpected point and it's like a clash of planets in people's hearts. Congratulations Carlos and Alexis!
I loved it. A bunch of people drinking and singing the songs they love of a man (even though he is Not A Man) they love. What's not to love? I wouldn't be caught dead at a karaoke bar but I could swing by this place for sure... if I wasn't 20,000 miles away.
No worries. Just curious, why comical?
I guess it reminds me of my one and only (bad) experience singing Karaoke. I was pissed drunk and at the end of my song some Apache member told me to f*** off.
So, therefore, I find it comical. People are willingly putting themselves into position of a total buffoonery.
Thanks for posting/making MusicQuizKing . I do not find this comical as Anonymouse does but very joyful and vulnerable at the same time . To place so much faith that the Morrissey loving crowd will not let you fail as you get up to sing . They join you and carry you . As countthree said it is Wonderful !
the whole point of karaoke is not to be the best singer,its people enjoying themselves,i thought the night looked great especially as its Morrissey all night.if I hear angels by Robbie williams being done at karaoke one more time I will slit one of my wrists.
Very cool! I'll have to make the trek out from Whittier sometime.
I agree with this almost in total. I am not sure why people would want to subject themselves to the sub par (at best) singing of songs they love. I can't even stomach The Voice and supposedly these are talented singers.

However, if a bunch of drunk or otherwise so inclined patrons want to gather together to butcher their favorite songs in a pitchy sing-along then howl away. As long as I am not within ear shot, have a blast.
How do I get the Morrissey Oke tshirt?

Irish in Manchester traces onto Mexicans in California? It's funny because Morrissey never mentions his Irish heritage as a negative or a spur in his autobiography, it just goes to show that people will do anything to fit the experience and lyrics to what they want which is fine but just an odd comparison.
Very well done.
jose maldonado karaoke morrissey smiths sweet and tender hooligans
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