New Morrissey Website!! (?)



Im currently undertaking a web design course, part time.
Im reaching the final assignment, which asks for me to design a minimum 10 page website on the subject of my choice.
I would like to do something dark and for realists but also something with a morrissey flavour which might appeal to the users of this website.
Ive got some ideas banding around in my head, but im not quite sure at the moment how to put it all together?

If there is anyone out there in moz-solo land who has 5 minutes to spare, i could do with some help!
Could you write a short message on what morrissey means to you? Do you know of any morrissey related poetry? Do you have any interesting moz-related stories?

Im going to start the actual code-writing after christmas, but in the meantime im just collecting material for inclusion on the site. If you want to contribute anything at all or have any ideas please send me an e-mail. (Or leave a comment on this site)
Ill credit your inputs on the site with your name or your alias if you prefer. (Or you may want to remain anonymous!)

Any help at all is much appreciated!

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Mr.Improper your friendly neighborhood PIMP

If you want,id be happy to give a little story as to what the man means to me?? it'd be pretty cool. I think he means alot to all of us here.
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