New Morrissey song, 'I am Veronica'


If any autotune is used, I would not be suprised if producers did a little quiet 'fixing' without informing Moz, knowing how touchy he is. Tell him 'that's great' after they know he's not going to do any more takes, and then smooth out the odd rough note when he's not present. Producers have to be tactful knowing they could get fired at any moment.
I still don't buy it.


Iirc didn’t he release “Kiss Me A Lot” as a one-off single via iTunes after the collapse of the Harvest deal.

I live in hope that absent any new deal he does something similar with “I am Veronica”.
Christ, I had thankfully forgotten about the "Kiss Me A Lot" video until I followed the link - now I have to live with the knowledge that it exists again.
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I’m pretty sure that’s Miley Cyrus doing backing vocals… Listen to the PLAY, it’s definitely her yell!

The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
Since the record is called "Bonfire Of Teenagers" it would make sense that
the thing gets released around May 22nd, which is the anniversary date
of the Manchester bombin'.
"Bonfire..." is a tribute to the victims of the tragedy.
Ya gotta figure the Veronica song gets released pretty soon as the introductory


I still don't think a deal is signed yet. If it was, we'd be bombarded with pre-order adverts tied in to publicity for the new Vegas run. The silence is deafening.

Julian Spegal

I can how this works for someone looking for their first record deal but not an artist who has proven themselves over 40 years. Everybody who needs to hear the songs will have already heard them. Surely nobody on earth needs any validation of what he sounds like live.
There is a market for racist, right wing artists so why not Moz?


I was just watching a movie Holiday For Lovers (1959) and there was a brief bullfighting scene in Lima, Peru, that featured the Veronica pass, where the matador slowly swings the cape away from the bull, while keeping his feet still. Apparently it is named after St. Veronica, who was said to have wiped the brow of Christ on his way to Golgotha.
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