New Morrissey photo with Poppie Harris posted on @poppiecouture / Instagram

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By Anonymous on Feb 21, 2015 at 2:30 PM
  1. Anonymous

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    An anonymous person writes:

    No idea why he's posing with a handbag designer, but ok.

    poppiecouture / Instagram
    Me and Mas #morrissey

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    1. Anonymous
      maybe shes just nice and he likes her as a person or just politely honored her request for a pic if shes a fan. remember his ode to christian doir. that took me by surprise though i absolutely love that song to death. thanks for the photo
    2. terrancestamp
      I hate to be the one to point this out, but isn't this the girl in high school that treated you like shit because you loved the Smiths? With Moz's popularity growth through the years you just have to swallow the fact that people who laughed and spit at you back then now want to be your best friend. The price for being ahead of your time!!
    3. BrummieBoy
      Without some context for the photograph, it's impossible to have an opinion. One hopes Morrissey has no idea who she is:

      "Poppie's success and love of travel have allowed her to design a full line of bags that incorporate exotic skins, French laces, and Italian Hardware creating an inspired aesthetic to her silhouettes."

      I assume 'Italian Hardware' is leather? And that this picture was taken at some Grammy thing? And Morrissey had no idea he was cuddling up to someone whose work uses 'exotic skins', presumably from non-human animals?


      edit: "INDULGE! POPPIE COUTURE polka dots on luxurious calf hair with Italian patent leather and hardware."....This Italian Distressed Snake showcases black, brown, gold and even copper tones."
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    4. Black Eyed
      Black Eyed
      Hmmmmm here we go again. - Poppie Harris = " orders for her stylish leather hand-sewn bags. Her PR efforts earned rave reviews in such magazines as InStyle and Marie Claire. Soon, stars like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz were clamoring for Poppiebags."

      Morrissey consistent.....nah!
    5. Anonymous
      Is he supposed to google everyone he poses for a photo with? He probably has no idea what she does and she thought she would look indie by getting a photo with Morrissey.

      You all will bitch at anything
    6. BrummieBoy
      I've already noted that the context is unclear. However, this isn't a photo snapped on the street. It's quite clearly in some protected location and this woman has presumably been cleared by Morrissey's security. The pose is warm, suggesting they have been formally introduced at the least. As I say, without context, it's impossible to have a firm opinion. You, however, manage that without any evidence!

      And yes, if somebody introduces themselves to Morrissey as a designer handbag merchant, one would expect him to be savvy enough to enquire about the materials used. It's hardly news that the fashion industry uses snakes, mink, calf fur and the rest to make designer handbags to 'stars', is it? Morrissey may not have intendedto detoxify her brand by posing with her, but that's probably her intent, subconsciously or strategically. Or perhaps she was just trolling Morrissey for the lulz?

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    7. Anonymous
      He only takes photos with famous people. Fans get sent away by Damon.
    8. Anonymous
      He's so pedestrian when he's in LA- going to Oscar parties and taking photos with any level celebrity he sees? No wonder his lyrics have gone downhill.
    9. Anonymous
      You have to laugh him, oh the importance of being a crank.
      I've just loaded the pic into my new smell app and there are strong smells of animal flesh being cremated, leather and fur.
      Probably taken at a high end luxury hotel.

      Don't forget meat is murder ! Cause Moz said so innit !
      You've been great thank you for reading.

    10. Bluebirds
      Christ almighty. Perhaps he should have photos taken with nil-by-mouth hospital patients and poverty stricken Indians.

      This pathetic agenda of pointing out Morrissey's hypocrisy is tragically tiresome.

      Get a life
      Go outside and play some Frisbee
      Do fucking something productive rather than whining on incessantly.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Mind you her handbag looks horrendous
    11. Anonymous
      HomeSneek PeekAboutBe Mine
      ​poppie harris

      Los Angeles based designer Poppie Harris has designed a line of high-end handbags that have proved to be a huge success with stylist and celebrities garnering her much press in publications such as InStyle Magazine, People Magazine, USA Today, Harpers Bazaar and more. Poppie's success and love of travel have allowed her to design a full line of bags that incorporate exotic skins, French laces, and Italian Hardware creating an inspired aesthetic to her silhouettes. "Women today are busy and wear so many hats. I like to anticipate their needs and to design bags that work to make their lives just a little bit easier."

      Poppie Couture has been a sell-through hit at Barneys, Henri Bendels, Bergdorf Goodman, Select Neiman Marcus,and many hi-end boutiques around the world. The line counts Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz, Debra Messing, Brooke Shields, Demi Moore, and Katie Holmes as just some of its top fans.

      Custom orders can be made upon request 310.880.5655

      Charlatan, plastic, fake, pretender, hypocrite, buffoon, muppet, fool, nutter, jester, comic, worshipful master of the crank society.

    12. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      We are all hypocrites to one degree or other. Few of us, however, are so vehement and vocal as to give the impression we are virtually beyond criticism ourselves. That clanking dissonance has plagued Morrissey since the Internet has slowly peeled back the layers of his life. We therefore continually get these curious situations where yesterday he was (quite rightly) attacking the Queen for wearing fur, while today he is pictured cuddling up to a woman who peels rare snakes with her teeth. Probably.

      Should he have known? Well, if he's that passionate about it, and he is, then either yes he should, or he should see the mote in his own eye and give the rest of us a break.
    13. BrummieBoy
      Calm down. One step at a time.....

      Morrissey would have every right to publicly 'tear a strip' off this woman for posing for a photo with him. Either she is a 'fan' who utterly ignores his convictions about animal rights, like many here who 'only listen to the music'. Or she knows his views but casually disrespects them by deliberately posing for a photo with him, despite knowing her torture/slaughter handbag business is anathema to his publicly stated views.

      Unless Morrissey rebukes her publicly, then she sails off to her Instagram account with the kudos of an warm embrace with Morrissey for her followers and an implicit acceptance that this trolling is acceptable behaviour to Morrissey, thereby setting a precedent. And it makes his 'Fur Is Murder' PR initiative seem entirely toothless if he cannot even challenge one fashionista handbag merchant.

      This photo is not an endorsement of her business but if he ignores it, then it's his acceptance that he has to put up with being trolled by minor handbag celebrities as he's powerless to speak up in his defence. Presumably in case he is ostracised by fashionable Hollywood society for creating a fuss at whatever soiree this was?

      He also needs to have a word with his security team. As I wrote, this isn't a snapshot in the street. It has a context. It looks like a formal social gathering or a hotel lounge. Is Morrissey really so clueless not to suspect 'product placement' advertisements as micro-aggressions from the torture/slaughter industry propagandists? Context is everything. We don't know the context, but Morrissey does. If he was tricked into this photo then he has the right to speak up. If he knew she was an 'exotic skins handbag designer' then it makes his rebuke to Beyonce appear completely pointless. As Beyonce moves to embrace Veganism, it has also presumably impacted on her orders for handbags and clothes? One can only hope that this Poppy person faces vegan handbag orders from Beyonce in the future and that she realises how posing for a picture with Morrissey whilst being a snakeskin handbag vendor is in bad taste, at the very least!

      'The rhino is now more or less extinct, and it's not because of global warming or shrinking habitats. It's because of Beyonce's handbags.' Morrissey
    14. BrummieBoy
      Exactly! He is vehement and vocal and precise about ensuring venues are free of 'meat' which he has decided is 'murder'. Given this micro-management of public appearances under his own brand-name, it's curious that he'd allow some upstart handbag merchant to troll him this way without a rebuke. She isn't just a 'fan'. She is a brand and by posting this to her corporate 'PoppieCouture' Instagram account she has tried to link her brand to his.

      Morrissey bans 'meat' but allows cheese. It's not unreasonable to think many would also assume he's ok with snakeskin handbags if he allows this product placement to remain uncontested. It's a micro-aggression against his brand, whether intentional or subconscious. If he allows it to stand, it's a PR triumph for 'PoppieCouture' as it shows that wearing snakeskin and calf fur accessories is acceptable in celebrity society. Look, here's a photo of Morrissey posing with Poppy to prove it!

      I am not just sketching this out to be provocative. I actually think it's incredibly serious. If Morrissey wants to be a brand ambassador against skinning mink for fur, that's fine, but he can't also allow himself to be photo-bombed the next day by the very industry that he is railing against. It reduces him to a figure of ridicule who can be played/trolled by the simple prop of a handbag brand. Whether or not this Poppie person is aware of the ideological sub-text of her behaviour is absolutely irrelevant.

    15. CrystalGeezer
      This whole thing is a nightmare designed to make him feel good about getting on a plane and leaving Hell A.

      It was supposedly an Oscar party. Both of them were probably hoping to be snapped with cool actors. Instead she got some musician that her friend said "That's Moz!" and she having NO IDEA who he was instagrammed was "Mas" and he thought she was just some fashionista not realizing she was a leather-schlepping D List fame whore. She's smashing his quiff FFS, she looks like an aggressive mess, maybe it all happened too fast for him to pull out his Google machine and figure out who she was. The end result is this sad photo where he looks sheepish like he'd rather be home in bed. But JB has a point. Someone who once said he doesn't touch meat eaters should probably think twice about having his face smashed into the chest of a bimbo carrying a hideous leather handbag for the sake of a potentially glamorous photo. Or he needs to ease up on shaming meat eaters and take a new approach where he doesn't distance himself from those he's trying to counsel to be better people. What a mess. So sorry.
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    16. realitybites
      Gawd that woman has nasty looking arms. Moz looks good though. Love his tie and tux color.
    17. Anonymous
      Beyoncé is not embracing veganism. She was seen wearing fur last week. The meal service is for more money that's all.

      I don't understand why you all expect him to investigate a person before he poses for a photo with them. He may have been at a bar she happened to be at. Judging by his messy hair I'm going to guess he had been out drinking.
    18. Anonymous
      Leather and snakeskin handbags are murder.
    19. oh_my_mozza
      Moz probably doesn't spend his life searching people and whether they are animal friendly. Don't hackle him for having this photo taken, the chances are her was being polite and didn't know her.

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