New Morrissey photo posted by Ryan Lowry on his Instagram (May 22, 2024)

Has this photo been shared previously?

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Has this photo been shared previously?

I look at the world through blue dreamers eyes.
And I want to go somewhere where nobody knows me.

Seeing this picture just made me think of this wonderful and uplifting song.
Watching the fan video again gave me such a positive boost.
Thanks for pisting this lovely picture
I’m imagining he has been refused service at the off licence for being significantly under the influence, so he’s hiding round the corner while Damon buys the litre-bottle.
So gorgeous! Morrissey might like looking at photos of Bruce Lee, but I much prefer looking at photos of Morrissey!
the authentic side of japan,more interesting than the bustling streets of tokyo.
Is this a previously unseen photo from 2023? It's a great expression and composition.
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Speaking of Japan, I saw a report on the new "whaling mother ship" the other day, and thought I had died and gone to hell. Pure evil, made worse by an enthusiastic reporter's face.
Funny Morrissey didn't write a letter to anyone about that.
I guess whales are too small for him to notice.

When I opened this page I had another google window open that was covering the words after "New Morrissey....." and for a second I thought it was an new Morrissey album announcement. Having said that, these pics would make for a good front and back for an album or at least a single.

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