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Oh, Squishy!!
Appears to be from the spilled-milk series. Very nice! A passion fruit in the foreground?

"Look into my schnozz...not around the schnozz, in the schnozz...." :lbf:


Oh, Squishy!!
It's not a passion fruit, it's a pomegranate!!
You're right. For some reason I thought the were synonyms for the same thing. I have now researched the subject and will not make that mistake again. :o


Love me outside Mzlicious
Being packed full of seeds, the pomegranate was a symbol of fertility, of life, and of the rebirth of nature. Within the Christian tradition it came subsequently to be regarded as a symbol of resurrection.
(the antidote to the spilled milk in this pic)

Or in a pic w squishy Jebus and Mary it`s the anti-apple.
So it may be understood as a symbol serving to remind the viewer of God's forgiveness and of the promise of everlasting life (see: Sandro Botticelli, Madonna of the Pomegranate ...

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