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New member here, from London. Hate to be one to do this, but would also like to plug my new band,
Animal Crown

Am a fan of Nick Cave, Dylan and obviously the great Morrissey.

Thanks for reading.


Aaron ▼
Hey folks!
I'm new to the forum and want to introduce myself and my project :) I'm 21 years old. from Germany and a huge vinyl maniac (especially Smiths
and post-punk / wave stuff from the 80s).
I'm also a passionate zine-maker, so I finally want to do a Smiths/Moz zine!
I'm searching for people to write down their Smiths/Moz story: Why do you love them? When and how did you discover them? Personal memories, concert stories . . . . . .
Is anybody interested? Maybe you want to submit some articles, art, photography, reviews, poetry, essays....whatever you want!!

This project is very close to my heart, cause I want to do something for others who love The Smiths/Morrissey as much as I do.

The zine will be done the full oldschool way - print / cut & paste / with a typewriter
It will be non-profit for sure (just postage/print) and every contributor will get free copies!
The working title is STRANGEWAYS, the cover will be in color, the zine in black/white...
zine contact: [email protected]

Thank you! and greetings from Germany,

P.S. I hope this thread is in the right section... :)


Hey Dude! That sort of thing was invented ages ago! Why do you want to know more Moz fans? The majority have empty lives, are so frustrated with themselves, and some are dangerous people. Anyway, good luck! You're gonna need it!
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