New Madchester is NEW YORK once again Mr Rourke is in the right place @ the right time!!!


Andy Ison

The lucky begger!!!!
New York is having another music boom call it Punk call it Funk call it Rock call it Dance music call it New wave call it Indie/alternative crossovers call it all of this call it what you like it is happening!!!
Andy Rourke and this Alex English guy must know a thing or too!! The USA DJ tour idea is perfect in this climate!!!
i-pods, downloads it is getting more mixed up than when people started sampling old records!! or even mixing records!!
and yes Andy Rourke has one and a lap-top.
The world of DJing is changing away from vinal to computers CD mixers all sorts.

(New York is a music city always has been. From Jazz to Soul to Hip-Hop to New Wave to Tin Pan Alley to Broadway even ect.. ect.. New York keeps delivering. there are probably thousands of different scenes in New York and then there is the rest of the States as well it is a bit over-welming for me to take in!!)
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