Morrissey Central "New keyboard player." (May 6, 2023)


Camila Grey will play keyboards on the forthcoming Morrissey tour of Israel / Ireland / England.

No surprise.

She seems to have a decent pedigree and I certainly don't have any issue with having women as part of the band.

Plus, let's be honest, there have always been criticisms about Morrissey's backing band, so some people have certainly got what they wanted. It will be interesting to see whether there is an improvement in musicianship or not.
The particular closeness of Alan & Gustavo points to a few things:
- Both of them becoming close friends and realising the band politics didn’t work (Jesse being MD)
- Moz not liking Gustavo being close to Alain
Judging by the Brendan / Jesse interaction on socials - he's still a possibility to drum.
But, as above, it was intimated in other threads and now confirmed.

@dneuer please pick my lottery numbers 😉
This comment on twitter made me laugh.

f***s sake today of all days even Morrissey is getting involved. Camilla indeed
can never have too many females,sure these young women will be a good addition to the band,alain hasnt come out and criticised M and im sure gustav wont either.some people on here have a problem with change.
All a bit odd, I think many of us who saw him in the UK last year thought the band was the best we had seen/heard for a while.

I watched some videos of those shows and do agree the band was really tight. The odds...
I kinda like the idea of Moz having more women in the band.

And I'm quite curious to see how it's going to work out...

Just fine, I think!
speaking of banarama siobhan fahey was a huge smiths fan,even called her collaboration with marcella detroit shakespeares sister.
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