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I just recently posted a new illustrated Smiths video I made on you-tube... Go to

This video is set to 'This Night Has Opened My Eyes', a classic song by The Smiths. Inspired by the very visual lyrical imagery that Morrissey uses in this song (about child abandonment). To avoid the obvious English/Victorian atmosphere, I used an African theme for my drawings: the subject matter however remains the same...

My other animated videos can be seen here:
youtube/watch?v=mdYif7TBl64 (The Smiths - Suffer Little Children)
youtube/watch?v=3Gr5xn5_5J0 (Eels - Rock Hard Times)
youtube/watch?v=7ENgTEXdx2o (Eels - Flower)
youtube/watch?v=mTL56eMBK0o (Gorki - Wij Houden Stand)
youtube/watch?v=aYp5v--FPFI (Gorki - Een Oude Zanger)

I put a lot of effort into this one so I hope you'll enjoy. ;)
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I see you have used Belgiums Africans colony history for this songs.

I must say it's not better than the first Smiths songs you did, it's
less moving and I sense/see religion parts used for this song.

try make a moving clip Bart

and [all Belgiums] congrats with the new Parlement [after 9 months or so]:rolleyes:


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Thanks for sharing your opinion! Always nice...

@celibate: no religious signs/aspects/puns intended in these illustrations however... Always nice & funny to read people's interpretations... ;)

I'd like to make a moving clip, but I'm afraid I don't have the time or digital resources to do so.

BTW: It's only a temporary parliament; it will start all over again in march... Politics! :rolleyes:
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