New hours for Houston show


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White Oak Music Hall is announcing a change of start time . From 6pm to 5pm central time
No reason giving. So it looks like show is a go ,which is great news

And if it wasnt for the most recent cold front that pushed another Tropical Depression east of Texas ,perhaps saving this show from being cancelled. Which by the way was the reason for postponement(Imelda) in the first place

This is scheduled to be the last show of his recent North America CALIFORNIA SON Fall tour.
The show will not be as packed as originally scheduled going from Saturday night to a Monday night, naturally. But there will be, as usual, his still loyal fans ,who know that the man is getting older and this could be one of his last trips to Houston .


I am not BBC scum
I'm taking this as when Interpol will be close to starting with entrance
  • seating at WOMH?
  • I am a huge fan of the band. What's the earliest I can line up for entry?
    The entry area to the venue has very limited shade, and for your safety due to high summer temperatures, attendees will not be permitted to wait in line more than 2 hours before doors during summer months (May through August). Thus, if a show has doors at 6:30 PM, the earliest we will permit people to wait in line is 4:30 PM. If you arrive earlier than that time, you will be asked to leave the premises and return 2 hours before doors. In cooler months (September - April), the maximum amount of time allowed to wait is 4 hours before doors. Under no circumstances do we allow people to "camp out" overnight at the venue

  • This is from the WHITE OAK WEBSITE
  • So I'm taking 5pm is when doors open and Interpol around 5:45 with a hour show, then Morrissey stage set up ,then Morrissey around 7:30-9 . ETA of course
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I am not BBC scum
Tonight the stars will be shining, for the last date of the tour, airplane has arrived, the show is a go. Morrissey true to his word for southeast Texas. White Oak it's on .. yahooooooooooo,yahoooooooooo.
Time to get pumped up.
Videos and pics to come...


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Get there early! You don’t want to miss buying copies of Parallel Lines or Spiceworld signed by the thing that used to be Morrissey.

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make sure you get there early so you can purchase a Transformer album autographed by Moz. it may run out by the end of the show.:thumb:


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The reason for the time change is that the show must the over by 10pm.

- Per the City, their sound limits and an agreement with the venue.
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