Morrissey Central "NEW GUITARIST" (April 13, 2023)

Carmen Vandenberg (below) will play guitars with Jesse Tobias in the new
line-up for Morrissey's forthcoming July concerts in Israel, Ireland and Britain.

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for all we know it might have been alain that got the new lassie the job in the band with his la connections, he must know a lot of musicians,football teams have a shelf life of 3/4 years then players leave and new ones come in,same as people in work,why should a band be any different,its only a big deal if you make it a big deal.
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His Friend (Darren) has commented.

Well, I'm certainly sorry to hear that. I think it's pretty terrible news honestly. What did he comment?

Morrissey is surely a talented enough singer and lyricist...I was hoping that Alain's songs could help push him into a more solid musical future. For myself, I was certainly excited for Alain being back in, with all he could contribute to the Morrissey Band (vox, guitars, songwriting). It's just a shame really. Even just Alain working w/Gustavo and Jesse - in terms of writing music - could have been something special.
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