New Depeche Mode album "Memento Mori" and world tour announced

"Other Side" and "Sundown" now both confirmed b-sides:

So, 5 songs confirmed didn't make the album (Sundown presumably one of them, the Scott Walker / Gordon Lightfoot cover being performed at the orchestral Piano Room show).

Don't think "Other Side" is a retitled version of "Wagging Tongue" as the latter was written by Dave and Martin. According to the song database, "Other Side" was written by Gahan, Eigner and Gordeno.
New NME article about Richard Butler’s contributions contains this interesting bit:

Four of the album’s tracks – with a further two set to be released later this year – feature songwriting credits from Butler.

"Soul With Me" is the only song sung by Martin on the record but it's so beautiful. Funeral song material right there.

The tour starts in a few hours!
If only. So far I'm finding it pretty lacklustre.
On my first listen, the only track I'm not feeling is the opening one. Definitely worth more listens to form an opinion but not disappointed. The Richard Butler co-writes are the standout tracks, IMO (tracks 2-5, 7).
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surprisingly solid. out of all the old-timers this one might take the cake. Very pleasant surprise that they were able to put this together after the last 3 records..
Dave’s ballerina twirls alone are clearly worth the ticket price all by themselves, i mean what’s not to love about anyone who loves to dance as much as i do! I won’t say anything about music for the masses because there is nothing to even say, those songs are forever frozen and immortal and time won’t ever even be able to begin to touch them. But what i will say is that it’s surprising and great to see how well all the violator singles and b-sides have stood the test of time. I mean they were great at the time, sure, but the fact that any of those violator singles and also all the b-sides are still good now is kind of amazing. So between ballerina twirls, music for the masses, and violator + b-sides, they basically get a full pass for all of eternity from everyone else on earth, for any of the kind of crappy and non-notable stuff they churned out from 1993 until now, that lots of people i think completely also completely skipped.

The only thing is like, these white pointy shoes! Omg, dave! He started wearing these white pointy shoes maybe late 90s or maybe slightly later, but anyway, the point is, once he started wearing them, he couldn’t ever stop wearing them again! And ditto his super weird sleeveless v-neck button down vest things - that always look exactly like the 3rd missing part of someone’s super sketchy (and most likely probably also discarded) 3-piece suit. Like what is even going ON Dave, that this is still where we are!

Having said that though, where we all are is that Martin Gore is also exactly the same and still looks ready to shoot out the door and go straight to an underground club in Berlin, and gotta say, I completely approve and am ready to go straight out the door with him.

Dave’s white shoes though are like, a voodoo doll. Like voodoo shoes! Like the hat on the bed in Drugstore Cowboy. Speaking of which - whatever happened to Matt Dillon, and also, why did he start to age so badly when he was still young and not even aging yet!?? That is like, some terrible luck right there, for serious!

Yeah these DM shows are so great and so fun right now, this year. I also really think the timing couldn’t have been any better.
What a treat this album is. And what a comeback. I’m by no means a true DM fan and even less of an expert, but I think I know enough about music to say that this is a quality album.

And how uplifting it is with bands and artists that treat their craft and their legacy with dignity and respect, that put the work in in both the lyrics and the music, that challenge us sonically and sing of matters that resonate with us lowly humans (faith, loss, loneliness).
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