New concert date added - San Luis Obispo, CA (May 12, 2022)



Shared via Morrissey Official FB, IG & Quest Management's IG stories.
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oi the 🏄‍♂️ anon is having difficulties with the sell out:lbf:
couldnt sell the imaginary tix so he settled for imaginary refund:lbf:

peeps IN THE USA(y):hammer:
The only one imagining things is you. This is the seat map as of about thirty seconds ago with plenty of tickets still available, including a pair in the center section. I hope this show doesn't get cancelled at the last minute.

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 5.36.48 PM.png
i forgot, 🏄‍♂️ was going to take his invisible 🛩️ to the show, but
he must have changed his plans seeing he has 0 🍞 for 🎟️

so he figured that he would sell the imaginary non existing tickets for a loss instead of making an imaginary refund for the full imaginary amount:crazy:
he is now breaking even 0 money to start with and 0 money now:lbf:

in the meantime: ALL SHOWS SOLD OUT PEEPS‼️‼️

now please, 🤐 it up, at im busy at the airport🤒

If anyone is considering this show, don't let Vegan Cro put you off, or pay over the odds from a scalper. I just checked the seating plan and as of this moment 153 seats are still available out of a capacity of 900. Plenty to go round.
There are less than 2o tix left and they are limiting purchases to 3 per person
Looks like the show time was changed too but I would be extra careful and call or just get there early

Screenshot 2022-05-11 11.01.16 PM.png
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Have to sell my tickets for this last minute - such a drag. I live here in town and never thought I'd see this in my (his?) lifetime... alas, trying to sell my pair.

These are great seats - Section 3 (Right Side) - Row E (5th row) - tough to beat.

Asking $400, a little less than what I paid for them.

Message me!
I think this is soundcheck, the person who posted it said it was but I have no idea

And outside


Stage inside, 13 mins ago

Screenshot 2022-05-12 10.30.42 PM.png
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That's a beautiful theater. I'm just reading a biography of Jack Kerouac, and just last night got to where he stays in a flophouse in San Louis Obispo whilst working on the railroad in 1953. Coincidence.
Because the Solo is not passing info of the Morrissey recital anyone knows what happened??
Contrary to what some are trying to claim, this show is far from sold out. Very strange. There was a time not long ago where an LA-area show at a small theater would have sold out instantly. I couldn't even get rid of a couple pairs of very good seats that I was selling under face value; I actually ended up getting them refunded.
Screenshot 2022-05-13 7.22.05 PM.png

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