New book coming out full of Morissey/Smiths stories/quotes



*** So, time to let you all know the project I’ve been working on and am truly excited about! Since 1993, I wanted to do something about my stories from my time at Manhattan College. I’m aware that everybody has stories, but those who were there know that my adventures were far from normal! So, as I continue to get advice from authors and speak to publishers, look for news on an upcoming collection of stories that will not only interest you, but will hit every emotion possible! THIS INCLUDES A COMPLETE MORRISSEY OBSESSION INCLUDING STORIES ABOUT THE KILL UNCLE AND YOUR ARSENAL TOUR- AND STORIES ABOUT ALMOST GOING BACKSTAGE AND BEING OBSESSED WITH HIS LYRICS!!!

Take a trip back to 1990 and join the stories of a naïve, innocent, Morrissey obsessed, outspoken, stubborn, liberal, Jewish Baltimore native who seeks adventure, romance and fame at a very Irish Catholic college in New York! If being different wasn’t hard enough, a few very controversial articles in the school paper and a “take no prisoners” college radio show give him more than enough excitement, adventure and heartache than he could imagine!

You’ll be in the middle of his roommate and dorm issues, battles with campus groups, love gone wrong and much more. Expect to laugh, cry, gasp, smile and want more!

Please like and follow the page for this book- which will have teases, updates and pictures. And, if you are a publisher or agent wanting to stake your claim, I'm listening!
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